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Travel Startups Are Thriving: What Are Their Secrets

In an uncertain climate, travel startups are perhaps facing a shakier future than most. However, recent news and statistics show this really isn’t the case at all. With that in mind – what are we to expect from travel ventures, and how are they continuing to shake things up for the better?

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Average Series A Round Reaches Record $15.7 million

The average Series A round is now $15.72 million, a new record. While the staggering size of many biotech rounds remains largely responsible for the new record mean (still about double the median Series A size), companies in other industries are also contributing to the rise.

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Startups Remain Thirsty for Venture Capital Firms

In an unstable world, it is great to see that startups are continuing to pool for funding more than ever before. Recent statistics show that startups ventures are still thirsty – perhaps thirstier – at each stage of the funding cycle. But what do these new figures tell us deep down?

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Fintech Startups: Riding Waves of Opportunity

Financial technology is on the rise. Personal and app banking have never been more popular, and not just among the populace. More and more investors are looking towards fintech startups for their next big ventures. But why is this, and what does 2020 data tell us?

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78% of Startups Plan to Hire Externally in 2020

Startups, by their very nature, need to grow and evolve incredibly quickly. However, it’s tempting to think that they mainly operate through the same two or three innovative CEOs. However, recent data clearly shows that starter companies are reaching out to more new hires than ever before.

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11 Eye-Opening Stats on Startups

When many people think of startups they think of people like a young Mark Zuckerberg starting Facebook, or back in the day, Bill Gates and Microsoft. But at least in today's world, these cases are much more the exception than the rule. Today's successful startup founders are older and increasingly more diverse.


Startups Turning to Virtual Summits for Investment Pitches

Virtual events for startups are nothing new. However, in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, corporate innovators need to be more creative than ever when it comes to pitching and networking. Could virtual summits hold the key to long-term success and investment opportunities?

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Startups and Series A Funding: What Investors Are Looking For

Series A funding is a significant step in the growth and survival of growing startups. Beyond initial seeding and establishment, it is here where companies really start to take shape. However, what is it that investors are looking for from Series A potential? Let’s take a closer look.

Telehealth: The Next Gold Rush for Startups

It’s safe to say startups will always thrive on innovation. One leading disruptor right now is telehealth. Crucially, in a climate where healthcare is needed more so than ever before, many small businesses are focusing on smart ways to share it around. But what does this actually involve?

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VC Funding News: Charlotte Outpaces in VC Investment


Looking for a new place to live or start a company? You many want to consider Charlotte, North Carolina.

charlotte vc funding

When Does a Startup Company Become a Unicorn Startup?

While there are thousands of startup companies in the world, a very small percentage will ultimately reach the status of being called a unicorn. But what exactly is a unicorn startup and what separates them from the pack?

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How a B2B Sales Leads Database Helps Boost Client Acquisition

In the modern age, there are multiple ways for businesses to build on B2B sales leads. But how do you make sure you’re pinpointing the right audiences and the best resources? In many cases, a b2b leads database might be just what you need to get new client acquisition up and running.

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The Startup Company Revenue-Based Financing: What Is It?


A startup company is always likely to find the route to financing a challenging one. Even innovative companies with established backing may struggle to finance themselves early on. Many, in fact, turn away from venture capitalism, and head for revenue-based financing. But what does this involve?

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B2B Sales Leads and the Rise of AI Chat

Building leads in any shape or form is reliant on technology more so than ever before. However, a particularly exciting trend for B2B sales leads heading into the New 20s is the use of AI. Chatbots, in particular, are changing lead-building. But what statistics are there to show for this?


How Any Startup Company Can Thrive in Uncertainty

A startup company – by its very nature – should be innovative and open to change. However, all businesses are facing unprecedented, forced change like never before. That said, how can any small business hope to survive financially beyond the likes of a global pandemic? Let’s take a closer look.


B2B Lead Generation Stats: What’s Working?

B2B lead generation, as a result of changes following the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, is evolving on a global scale. How are startups and big businesses alike maintaining their lead generation strategies? In this short guide, we will take a look at a few telling statistics and insights.

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