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B2B Sales Leads and the Rise of AI Chat

Building leads in any shape or form is reliant on technology more so than ever before. However, a particularly exciting trend for B2B sales leads heading into the New 20s is the use of AI. Chatbots, in particular, are changing lead-building. But what statistics are there to show for this?


Chatbots on the Rise

Research indicates that the market for chatbots across global industries could be set to triple by 2024. Chatbots, of course, help to make lead-sourcing and building simple for both sides. They enable prospects to invest interest in a company without speaking to personnel. For the business, it allows lead-building to grow autonomously, and to filter out any potential time-wasting.

An apparent reason for chatbots growing in popularity through B2B sales leads is impatience. Statistics show that up to 75% of people communicating through sales feel an 'instant' response is essential. We live in a climate where consumers and prospects demand immediate connectivity. Chatbots, by their very nature, feed into this.

Lead generation bots, in particular, are great at engaging with clients. Businesses can tailor bots and scripts to capture interests and needs they prioritize above all others. However, as it stands, only around 18% of modern companies are actually using AI at all in these circumstances.

Further Benefits for B2B Sales Leads

The benefits for lead generation through chatbots and AI's broader scope is becoming clearer to see. The majority of firms, research shows, use chatbots to help provide quick service. Just over a third of business owners may see lead capturing as a primary reason for using a bot.

The clear primary benefit to sales lead building through chat is a personal experience. Prospective clients' needs receive address in an automated, yet tailored fashion. That not only helps to engage better with said prospects but also to ensure that a business' leads are worth following up-on.

Crucially, this form of lead building is also massively convenient. Your client learns more about what you could do for them in a shorter space of time. You, as a business owner, can automate the 'weeding' process, and refine the quality leads you achieve.

How Else Can AI Help?

AI's place in sales is growing all the more critical. While only around 37% of global businesses are using artificial intelligence, it is set to expand into an industry worth more than $100 billion in the short term.

Some firms, for example, are already using automated marketing strategies. By working from a clear pool of client data, innovators such as IBM allow businesses to automate the campaigns they deliver to prospects. What's more, innovative technology – working with chatbots – is getting better at predicting what clients want and need.

The AI movement in sales is very exciting, though it has a way to go for mainstream refinement. All is not lost; however, as investors and clients can look for B2B sales leads through databases, such as Fundz. In the meantime, it is worth looking forward to a future of AI, sales, and marketing working together.