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Pet Health Startups Showing Us the Future of Animal Care

As a nation of pet lovers, we all love our furry friends. However, pets need our help with medical care for obvious reasons. What’s more, they are just as much at risk of getting ill as we are. Thankfully, many startups are working to help our cats and dogs get better sooner.

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Pet Health in Brief

Animal health is a global sphere that is immensely important. As an industry, it is constantly evolving. What’s more, it is home to several multi-billion-dollar companies working hard to treat our pets.

Pet medicine provider Zoetis, for example, remains far and away the industry leader. Formerly part of Pfizer, this independent firm boasts revenue of more than $6 billion. That’s at least $1.5 billion more than Boehringer Ingelheim, coming in second on highest revenue.

Everyday people are willing to pay good money to treat their pets. In 2018 alone, it’s estimated that we spent around $62.75 billion on pet products globally. However, the most special startups working to improve pet health focus more on results rather than revenue.

How Startups are Helping Our Pets Get Better

Let’s consider a few leading examples of ventures in the pet and animal care sphere right now.

VetSource is a Portland, OR-based firm offering easier connections between everyday people and vets. It is not always easy to arrange medicine and treatment in dire scenarios. This venture, therefore, makes it easy to set up custom orders and automate prescriptions. It’s worth at least $50 million after Series D.

Bisu is a US-based business with a Tokyo base, and their focus is on health tracking for their pets. Their technology, interestingly enough, allows you to test dog or cat urine for any potential issues. Connect the tech up via app and use the subscription service, and you’ll know exactly what your pets need.

VetMeasure, based in Iowa, is helping people care for their pets after surgery. Surgeries are always hard-going on pets. Recovery can take a long time! Therefore, VetMeasure’s technology helps owners track and measure signs to watch for after pets leave the clinic. This firm is still very much growing, with $1.4 million at seed some time ago.

BasePaws, based out of LA, is perhaps the 23andMe for pets. It offers biological testing for cats, meaning that you can quickly check if your feline is at risk of any conditions. It’s a technology that is catching the eyes of VCs, with Angel investing already on board.

Where Do We Go from Here? 

It’s very safe to say that we all want to do the best we can for our pets. Animal care and pet health ventures are mainly helping us keep track of what’s going on with their bodies. What’s more, they are helping us gain more accessible access to the medicine we need.

Could more innovative pet startups be popping up in databases such as Fundz? It’s worth a search for startups that have your cat or dog’s best interests at heart.


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