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Can Hydrogen Startups Make the World More Green?

Without hydrogen, much of the world as we know it simply wouldn’t run. However, there are different grades of hydrogen and different ways to source the element. But what exactly is green hydrogen, and why does it matter that startups invest in the resource?

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About Green Hydrogen

Making hydrogen is a complex process. In fact, there are four main processes to making and extracting hydrogen for energy. These are gray, blue, brown, and green.

Gray hydrogen, as it happens, occurs through the reformation of steam through methane. This process generally takes up the majority of all hydrogen produced. Blue hydrogen, meanwhile, actively stores carbon during the process.

Brown hydrogen, on the other hand, can be very harmful. Deriving hydrogen through this process means creating greenhouse gas via coal work.

Green hydrogen, therefore, is entirely renewable. It’s derived through the splitting of H2O into hydrogen and oxygen through electrolysis. This green approach means there’s no carbon emitted, and the hydrogen reclaimed can be used for energy demand.

What Are Startups Doing with Green Hydrogen? 

As mentioned, the majority of hydrogen produced in the world today is gray. This is not sustainable, so many startups are taking steps to bring greener standards to the masses.

Enapter, for example, is a firm based in Germany that focuses on supplying hydrogen on a mobile basis. Their patented electrolysis machine is simple to use, merely requiring water and electricity. Therefore, those users generating hydrogen can do so on-site and can actively manage their energy levels.

In the US, HyTech Power is helping to bring green hydrogen to internal combustion. For those vehicles running on this style of combustion engine, HyTech can bring cost savings. Diesel running is not only expensive, but it also causes incredible pollution. By retrofitting Hytech Power’s technology to their engines, drivers can save money and the planet!

One of the biggest names in recent times is, of course, H2Pro. Based in Israel, the venture raised $22 million in spring 2021 to help make green hydrogen cheaper.

While green hydrogen is hugely beneficial to the environment, it comes at a cost. This is one of the significant barriers preventing mass adoption. However, H2Pro, which has received financial backing from the likes of Bill Gates, is attempting to drive costs down.

H2Pro’s technology electrolyzes water. However, it does so through thermal energy. Their innovative processes could turn green hydrogen production on its head. Therefore, we could be seeing broader adoption in the years to come.

The Future of Hydrogen

Thanks to innovations in efficiency and cost savings, it appears ventures could help green hydrogen to go global. There are a few challenges ahead. However, there is nothing to suggest a new majority can’t be achieved. In the meantime, we have to keep supporting our innovators.

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