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Best Lead Generation Tools to Get More Targeted Leads

Generating leads for your business is not just about collecting data of people who can be your potential customer. Lead generation is a lengthy process that includes several steps like lead nurturing, lead qualifying, etc.  

However, your lead generation strategy is not enough to capture quality leads. Along with a well-researched strategy, you will need the most significant part of this process, which means a lead generation tool. It will help in generating targeted leads by automating your work. 

There are a huge number of lead generation tools available in the market that contribute to your business.

But which one will be best for you?

Lead generation tools are available in different forms. It may differ in features, pricing, usability, and more. Although, a lead generation tool should be able to automate the process as a manual lead generation process will require a tremendous amount of work. 

Don’t worry about which tool you should go for. Here, in this blog, we have created a well-researched list of the best lead generation tools so that you can get more targeted leads for your business.


Top Lead Generation Tools For Your Business



Optinmonster is a popular lead generation tool and sales software that brings powerful conversion with its optimized features. Using its drag and drop builder, you can easily create a lightbox pop-up for your website to capture leads. 

There is no need to start with scratch, you can use the pre-designed templates. With that, Optinmonster is an advanced opt-in form builder that also allows easy and fast A/B testing.

Lead Pages

It is a tool that suits the need of small businesses with collecting leads and completing the sales. It is the package where you will be able to create websites, landing pages, pop-ups and alert bars. 

Customized templates are available in the software that makes the process short and easy. The pricing plans of Leadpages are $27/mo, $59/mo and $239/mo for Standard, Pro and Advanced respectively. 


More information about your potential customer helps in taking effective decisions in the business. However, nobody likes to fill the blanks boxes of a form. If you try to collect more details using form then the possibility of losing the leads will be high.

Leadfeeder connects with your Google Analytics account and provides you with the data of the visitor of your site along with their interest, need, and behaviour data. The pricing of the tool is € 63/month but a free version is also available. 


If you are looking for a B2B leads generator, you should check Fundz. It is the database of email addresses and details of businesses, especially startups. 

It is a fantastic tool for finding a profitable startup that recently got funding along with the details of the company in real-time. Further, the pricing of the tool is much better than alternatives.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

In recent days, LinkedIn is known for generating quality leads for B2B sales. Unlike any other platform, LinkedIn is a professional platform where you can find business owners, managers, and desired leads. 


It provides advanced search options like geography, targeted market, industry, etc. You can send more than 500 million in-email messages to people even you are not connected with them. It also allows you to organize leads with proper tags in your CRM.


If you are from a small business marketing background, then you must have heard about HubSpot. It has various tools in a single platform that helps in completing marketing, sales, and other business goals. 

From content creation to scheduling, email marketing to tracking with automation, HubSpot can do it for you. All these features make it the best choice for generating leads. The best thing about HubSpot is it is also available free of cost. 


MailChimp is popular for the all-in-one marketing goals of small businesses. It is an easy-to-use tool that also provides the feature of automation. Through its meaningful insights, you can generate leads with fewer efforts. 


Not just this, you can integrate more than 250 apps with it to access more features. MailChimp has its lead capture form that gives good results. The tool is available in both free and paid versions in which you can store 2000 to 12000 email contacts respectively. 


Automation is the future of the world where you don’t have to work manually on every little thing. Zapier helps you to automate workflows and tasks to keep all the things updated. 


Zapier allows you to connect with over 3000 applications in which you can automate the tasks to save time and effort. The basic plan is available free of cost and for advanced features, you can go for a premium plan. 


Do you want to resolve customers’ queries in your absence?

If so, then MobileMonkey is your tool to automate frequent communication with your customers using chatbots in live websites, social platforms, and SMS.


The best thing about these chatbots are it can capture leads by integrating it with different applications CRM, email marketing, etc. Before taking a paid plan, you can access the tool with a free trial. 


It is a Q&A forum and inbound lead generation platform where you can answer the questions of your industry and build expertise around it. By answering in quora, you can reach a wide range of audiences easily. 


However, the thing that you should keep in mind is the quality of your answer. If it gets higher upvotes then you can generate a good number of leads just by answering a single question. Quora is a free platform, you don’t have to pay anything. 

Referral Candy

Referral marketing is an effective way to market your brand and generate leads. Creating an affiliate program for your business helps in increasing sales and capturing a higher number of leads. 

Along with this, you will also get the feature of design custom emails, pop-ups, landing pages, etc. You can also track your referrals and access the insight of your affiliate program. 


Social media is the medium where people can connect with brands through engaging communication. That’s why managing social media not just help in increasing sales but also spreads your brand awareness. 

Hootsuite is a tool that manages all social media channels by scheduling the content and provide meaningful insight to analyze the performance of the campaign. Further, you can integrate it with other tools to nurture the leads and completing the sales. 


Just like its name, ActiveCampaign is a tool that captures leads actively. It is a tool that you can use for email marketing, CRM, and marketing automation. All these features in a single software make the work easy for the user. 

Using this tool, you can deliver a delightful experience to your customers and improves the chances of lead conversions without any hassle. Different plans are available according to email needs without any setup fees. 

Wrapping Up

The journey of lead generation starts with capturing the lead and ends with a sale. In between this, proper lead nurturing is required so that you can build trust and meaningful relations with your potential customers. 

Here, we have shared the best lead generation tools to get more targeted leads, these tools are used by different businesses and they have got great results. Go through the list and pick the tools that suit your project’s needs. 

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