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Can We Change Steel? Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Start-Ups to Watch

Heavy manufacturing, while crucial to society, is often detrimental to the planet. In particular, steel production creates an immense volume of CO2 emissions. Therefore, innovators and startups are working to develop new, sustainable standards for manufacturing. Is this the future of industrial manufacture - and who’s making significant strides?

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing At A Glance

As mentioned, manufacturing is responsible for a detrimental share of CO2 emissions in our atmosphere. Steel production, in fact, is one of the biggest culprits. It is thought that the steel industry produces up to 9% of all carbon emitted into our atmosphere.

Therefore, it is hardly surprising that innovators wish to turn things around. There are significant movements in Sweden concerning ‘green steel’ - however, innovators in the US are working hard, too.

‘Green steel’ as a concept is just a glance at the bigger picture. Startups across the country are looking at vital ways to cut down on harmful emissions in manufacture. At the same time, the challenge is set to keep efficiency and productivity high!

Let’s take a look at a few ventures who are striving to change the game.

Boston Metal

Boston Metal gained a lot of press traction in recent years thanks to its revolutionary molten oxide technology. The company produces technology that actively removes oxygen from iron ore - through electricity. This, the firm states will result in O2, not CO2, becoming the by-product.

The company aims to remove the need for hydrogen in green manufacturing, too. Backed by Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Boston Metal is moving ahead rapidly with 2021 funding of $50 million.

J2 Materials

Believe it or not, diamond manufacturing, too, releases harmful gas into the atmosphere. J2 Materials is a US firm committed to cutting down methane produced and by turning, instead, to hydrogen.

Specifically, their unique processes allow for the creation of CVD diamonds. CVDs, according to J2, carry the same rarity and value as the real thing. The added benefit, of course, is that they are sustainably produced.


Lumishield, meanwhile, understands the importance of aluminum in sustainable manufacturing. While useful and hardy, it can, however, still create harmful emissions during manufacture. Lumishield is a collaborative effort that produces metal coating made from aluminum.

Their aluminum products aim to replace primers and resources used in aerospace and transport spheres. Crucially, they work with water and much as possible. This could help to reduce the CO2 emissions generally expected from aluminum manufacture.

Can Startups Change Steel For Good?

Steel manufacturing has been around for decades. Therefore, it is, in many ways, a stubborn niche. Its impacts are well-documented - up to 9% of all CO2 in the atmosphere is a statistic that needs trimming. Therefore, many ventures are working hard to repaint manufacturing as green the world over.

Startups providing sustainability to manufacturing are available to follow via Fundz. Real-time data will help you see just how quickly this niche is expanding!



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