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Virtual Physical Therapy Startups – Revolutionary Treatment Changes

SpineZone is a name growing in importance for startups, and it is the latest to emerge as a marvel in the medical scene. Through a reportedly revolutionary app, the tech venture poises to change how people in the US view spinal and back treatment. But how do they aim to bring such widespread change?

virtual physical therapy startups

SpineZone: The Basics

SpineZone is an app interface developed by Drs Kian and Kamshad Raiszadeh. Both orthopedic surgeons, their landmark model, offers exercises and programs to help people who suffer from back pain.

Specifically, Raiszadeh's app offers industry-backed and researched circuits and exercises. After a series of short questions, these are available to users and with backing from physical clinic support. The app also offers augmented reality, or AR, contingent. This allows for distant orthopedic help and guidance.

However, SpineZone's founding brothers also have in-person facilities available across the OC and San Diego. Their aim, ultimately, is to remove the need for patients to receive unnecessary surgery. This could not only help people with chronic neck and back conditions receive comfortable respite. It could also help to reduce pressure on hospitals across the US.

The Future of the SpineZone App

"The body has an incredible, inherent ability to heal itself and to regain its function," says Dr. Kian Raiszadeh. "So, that is where we are squarely focused."

The Raiszadehs found that, over time, many patients continued to suffer from spinal problems long after surgery. The SpineZone app came to life not just through the brothers' own experiences but also through those they'd witnessed elsewhere.

The app itself offers evaluations across a wide range of everyday complaints. What's more, it can consider issues such as stress, weight, strength, and inflammation.

The app is appealing to VC funders already. In late February 2021, SpineZone's founders revealed a $12 million seed round. This series A contribution largely came to a head through Providence Ventures, Polaris Partners, and Martin Ventures.

Furthermore, the co-founders' state the app will help the brand and their services expand. They aim to extend beyond San Diego with their physical clinics. This means that they can start to offer care across the US and potentially overseas.

Why Medical Startups Matter

Recent global crises are causing strain and stress on our medical facilities. Apps and innovations such as SpineZone remain appealing as they offer at-home solutions to painful problems. What's more, they could help to reduce medical facility demand.

In the US, healthcare and surgery remain very expensive for many people. SpineZone is one of several telehealth ventures striving to take unnecessary consultations out of the equation. Will other innovators follow suit in time?

Beyond just virtual physical therapy startups, medical and telehealth startups all over the US are ready and waiting for investment. VCs and budding investors may wish to use databases such as Fundz to find 'the next SpineZone.' With technology and accessibility at the point, it is now, home healthcare and respite can only get smarter as the years go by.



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