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Staffing Agencies in Crisis: How to Fight Your Way to Success

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As a result of global lockdown measures, staffing agencies are facing a harsh new reality. Ongoing social distancing measures are preventing agency firms from securing new talent across various industries. Not only that, but agencies are also facing problems in retaining clients. With such uncertainty rife worldwide, finding confident new client bases is proving troublesome.

While the pandemic lockdown may be a temporary measure, it remains an immeasurable force. Therefore, it is difficult for staffing firms to focus on any kind of long-term plan. What’s more, agencies are facing difficulties in staffing travel and, as a result of illness, availability, and attendance.

Many sources suggest that the US government is replete with advice for small to medium agencies during the lockdown. However, with such crises seemingly just beginning, agency owners are scrambling for new lead sources in their b2b sales prospecting.

Going Fully Digital

There is, however, hope on the horizon. Many firms are dispatching employees and contractors to work from home. That means an increasing reliance on technology and conferencing software. Staffing agencies, too, may learn a few things from this approach.

Rather than focusing on physical recruitment, agencies may wish to switch towards a fully digital approach. Plans to hire freelancers, home workers, and digital talent may help staffing firms weather the storms ahead. Remote recruitment, as some sources refer to it, may soon become the new normal.

Therefore, staffing agencies must rethink their current planning and long-term strategies. This may require considering appealing to new industries and new types of clients. During this period, all companies and staffers will have to focus on flexibility. If, for example, your agency mostly hires manual workers, is there a way you can appeal to craftspeople who can create from home?

Refining the Hiring Process

Adjusting and refining the ways you appeal to new hires at this time may help to improve your overall efficiency. One of the crucial stages of recruitment, of course, is the interview. Thanks to the lockdown scenario, you will likely now need to host digital interviews.

These can set up at short notice via video conferencing. There is no need for you to schedule rooms or meeting spaces. As top talent will no longer be traveling, they can be more flexible in attending interviews with you. Effectively, this may mean that you can speed up the hiring process from a few weeks into a matter of days.

In addition to this, agencies should look to invest in applicant tracking. That will enable you to redefine the way you build and manage staffer profiles fully. To truly breakthrough the lockdown, agencies will need to start adopting new technology and more efficient means of communication. There is, essentially, no other effective method of survival.

Adapting and Surviving

Staffing agencies will also find that holding onto clients during lockdown will be difficult. While you have to do all you can to retain your contacts, you must also focus on acquiring more b2b sales leads. Services such as Fundz, for example, will help you to track down recently funded startups in your industry. It is worth remembering, of course, that startups are just as hungry as you are.

Surviving the lockdown is, right now, a daily toil for staffing agencies. However, by embracing flexibility immediately and consider alternative plans, there are no clear reasons why your business should fall.



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