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Venture Capital Firms: Venture Capital List

A List of Venture Capital Firms in the U.S and Around the World.

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Venture Capital Firms in California

5AM Ventures - Menlo Park, CA
Aberdare Ventures - San Francisco, CA
ABS Capital Partners - Sausalito, CA
Acacia Venture Partners - CA
Accel Partners - Palo Alto, CA
Advanced Technology Ventures - Menlo Park, CA
Advent International Corporation - CA
Agilent Ventures - Santa Clara, CA
Alloy Ventures - Palo Alto, CA
Alta Partners - San Francisco, CA
Altos Ventures - Menlo Park, CA
Asset Management Company - Palo Alto, CA
August Capital - San Francisco, CA
Blue Run Ventures - Menlo Park, CA
Bessemer Venture Partners - San Francisco, CA
Benchmark Capital - San Franciso, CA
Cardinal Partners - San Francisco, CA
Catamount Ventures - San Francisco, CA
Charles River Ventures - San Francisco, CA
Compass Venture Partners L.P. - Menlo Park, CA
Crescendo Ventures - Menlo Park, CA
Crosslink Capital - San Francisco, CA
Cutlass Capital - San Francisco, CA
De Novo Ventures - Saratoga, CA
Doll Capital Management - Menlo Park, CA
Domain Associates, L.L.C. - San Diego, CA
Focus Ventures - Los Altos, CA
Forward Ventures - San Diego, CA
Foundation Capital - CA
Fuse Capital - Menlo Park, CA
Gabriel Venture Partners - San Mateo, CA
Granite Ventures, L.L.C. - San Francisco, CA
Greenspring Associates - Palo Alto, CA
Greylock - Menlo Park, CA
Hercules Technology Growth Capital, Inc - Palo Alto, CA
Housatonic Partners - San Francisco, CA
Intel Capital - Santa Clara, CA
InterWest Partners - Menlo Park, CA
INVESCO Private Capital - CA
Institutional Venture Partners - Menlo Park, CA
Kaiser Permanente - Oakland, CA
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers - Menlo Park, CA
Latterell Venture Partners - San Ramon, CA
Legacy Venture - Palo Alto, CA

Levensohn Venture Partners - San Francisco, CA
Lightspeed Venture Partners - Menlo Park, CA
Lions Capital Corp. - Los Angeles, CA
Lux Capital - Menlo Park, CA
Matrix Partners - San Francisco, CA
Mayfield - Menlo Park, CA
Mohr, Davidow Ventures - San Mateo, CA
Montreux Equity Partners - San Francisco, CA
Morgan Stanley Venture Partners - Los Angeles, CA
MPM Capital - Brisbane, CA
New Enterprise Associates - Menlo Park, CA
Nth Power - San Francisco, CA
ONSET Ventures - Menlo Park, CA
Pitango Venture Capital - Palo Alto, CA
Prospect Venture Partners - Palo Alto, CA
Redpoint Ventures - Menlo Park, CA
Ridgewood Capital - Palo Alto, CA
Rustic Canyon Ventures - Los Angeles, CA
Sanderling Ventures- San Mateo, CA
Scale Venture Partners - Foster City, CA
Selby Venture Partners - Menlo Park, CA
Sheperd Ventures - San Diego, CA
Sigma Partners - Campbell, CA
Sofinnova Ventures, Inc. - Menlo Park, CA
Steamboat Ventures, L.L.C. - Glendale, CA
Storm Ventures - Menlo Park, CA
Sutter Hill Ventures - Palo Alto, CA
TA Associates, Inc. - Menlo Park, CA
Technology Crossover Ventures - Menlo Park, CA
Technology Partners - Novato, CA
The Angels' Forum - Redwood City, CA
Trident Capital - San Mateo, CA
U.S. Venture Partners - Menlo Park, CA
VantagePoint Venture Partners - San Bruno, CA
Venrock Associates - Palo Alto, CA
Vision Capital - Burlingame, CA
Walden International - San Francisco, CA
WaldenVC - San Francisco, CA
Western Technology Investment - Portola Valley, CA
Weston Presidio - Sausalito, CA
Zone Ventures - Menlo Park, CA


Venture Capital Firms in Canada

Alate Partners - Ontario, CA
Alberta Deal Generator (ADG) - Alberta, CA
Alberta Investment Management - Alberta, CA
Amorchem - Quebe, CA
ARC Financial - Calgary, AB
ArcTern Ventures - Ontario, CA
Argo Global Capital - Quebec, CA
AVAC Ltd. - Alberta, CA
Aviro Capital - Quebec, CA
Axia Capital Corp - Ontario, CA
BC Advantage Funds - British Columbia, CA
BCE Capital - Ontario, CA
BDC Venture Capital - Quebec, CA
BDR Capital - Quebec, CA
BEST Funds - Ontario, CA
Bicameral Ventures - Ontario, CA
Birch Hill Equity Partners Management Inc - Ontario, CA
BlackBerry Partner Fund - Ontario, CA
BMO Equity Partners - Ontario, CA
Borealis - Ontario, CA
Brightspark - Ontario, CA
Build Ventures - Nova Scotia, CA
Bus Dev Bank of Canada - Quebec, CA
CAI Capital Management Co. - British Columbia, CA
Canaccord Genuity Group - Ontario, CA
Canada's Venture Capital & Private Equity Association (CVCA) - Ontario, CA
Canadian Medical Discoveries Fund - Ontario, CA
CastleHill Ventures - Ontario, CA
Celtic House Venture Partners - Ontario, CA
Covington Funds - Ontario, CA
Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital - British Columbia, CA
Clearbanc - Ontario, CA
Crocus Investment Fund - Ontario, CA
CTI Life Sciences Fund - Quebec, CA
Cycle Capital Management
Dancap Private Equity Inc - Ontario, CA
Desjardins Venture Capital - Quebec, CA
EdgeStone Capital Venture Partners - Ontario, CA
ENSIS Growth Fund - Ontario, CA
Envoy Capital Management - Alberta, CA
Extreme Venture Partners - Ontario, CA
FCC Ventures - Saskatchewan, CA
Framework Venture Partners - Ontario, CA
Fraser Mackenzie Merchant Capital - Ontario, CA
Genesys Capital Management Inc - Ontario, CA
Georgian Partners - Ontario, CA
GrowthWorks Ltd. - British Columbia, CA
Golden Opportunities Fund Inc. - Saskatchewan, CA
Golden Ventures - Ontario, CA
GrandBanks Capital (GBC) - Needham, CA
GreenSky Capital - Ontario, CA
Greenstone Venture Partners - British Columbia, CA
GrowthWorks Capital Ltd. - Manitoba, CA

GTI Capital - Quebec, CA
HDL Capital Corporation - Ontario, CA
Hybrid Financial - Ontario, CA
iGan Partners - Ontario, CA
Inovia Capital - Quebec, CA
J.L. Albright Venture Partners - Ontario, CA
Jefferson Partners - Ontario, CA
Kensington Capital Partners - Ontario, CA
Killick Capital - Newfoundland and Labrador, CA
LoyalVC - Ontario, CA
Lumira Ventures - Ontario, CA
McLean Watson Capital Inc. - Ontario, CA
Mercator Investments Limited - Ontario, CA
Merchant Advance Capital - British Columbia, CA
Mill Street & Co. - Ontario, CA
Mistral Venture Partners - Ontario, CA
MM Venture Partners - Ontario, CA
Mosaic Venture Partners - Ontario, CA
Old Kent Road (OKR) Financial - Alberta, CA
Omers Ventures - Ontario, CA
OPG Ventures Inc. - Ontario, CA
Pritzker Group - Los Angeles, CA
Prodigy Ventures Inc. - Ontario, CA
Propulsion Ventures - Quebec, CA
PSP Investments - Ontario, CA
Radical Ventures - Ontario, CA
RBC Capital - Ontario, CA
Rho Canada ULC - Quebec, CA
Ripple Ventures - Ontario, CA
Six Squared Capital - Ontario, CA
Smart Seed Fund - British Columbia, CA
SpringBank TechVentures Funds - Alberta, CA
Summerhill Venture Partners - Ontario, CA

Tamarack Group Ltd. - Alberta, CA
Tech Capital Partners Inc. - Ontario, CA
Telus Ventures - Vancouver, CA
The VentureLink Innovation Fund - Ontario, CA
Vancity Capital Corporation - British Columbia, CA
Vanedge Capital - British Columbia, CA
VenGrowth Capital Partners Inc. - Ontario, CA
Venture Coaches - Alberta, CA
Ventures West Management Inc. - British Columbia, CA
Wesley Clover - Ontario, CA
Worthwhile Ventures Capital - Ontario, CA
XPV Capital Corporation - Ontario, CA
Yaletown Venture Partners - British Columbia, CA
VenGrowth Private Equity Partners -  Ontario, CA


Venture Capital Firms in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kentucky

Chrysalis - Louisville, KY
Access Ventures - Louisville, KY
Blue Equity, LLC - Louisville, KY
Venture First - Louisville, KY
Kansas Venture Capital Inc - Overland Park, KS
Five Elms Capital - Kansas City, MO
Edgehill Venture Partners - Johnson County, KY
TGP Investments, LLC - Kansas City
Flyover Capital - Overland Park, KS
C2FO - Leawood, KS
Iowa's Venture Capital Firm - Des Moines, IA
Iowa Seed Fund II - Cedar Rapids, IA
Iowa Venture Capital Association - Des Moines, IA
AAVIN Equity Partners - Cedar Rapids, IA
Rural Vitality Funds - Polk County, IA
Dundee Venture Capital - Omaha, NE
Firebrand Ventures - Overland Park, KS
OpenAir Equity Partners - Kansas City
Innovation in Motion - Overland Park, KS
InvestAmerica Venture Group - Kansas City
KCRise Fund - Kansas City
TechAccel, LLC - St. Louis, MO
Prolog Ventures LLC - Kansas City
Cultivation Capital - St. Louis, MO
Arsenal Capital Management - St. Louis, MO
Centennial Investors Angel Network - Columbia, MO
SixThirty | Global FinTech Fund and Business Development Program - St. Louis, MO
Lewis & Clark Ventures - Clayton, MO
The Yield Lab - St. Louis, MO
Sage Capital LLC - St. Louis, MO
Advantage Capital Partners - St. Louis, MO
FTL Capital LLC - St. Louis, MO
Mission Peak Capital - Kansas City
Ascend Venture Capital - St. Louis, MO
Bridgepoint Merchant Banking – Investment Banking - Des Moines, IA
Wellmark Communities Venture Fund - Cedar Falls, IA
Global Insurance Accelerator - Des Moines, IA
Oklahoma Capital Investment Board - Oklahoma City, OK
Dorchester Capital Corporation - Oklahoma City, OK
Acorn Growth Companies - Oklahoma City, OK
Twelve31 Ventures - Omaha, NE
Oakwood Medical Investors - St. Louis, MO
Open Prairie Ventures - Olathe, KS
RiverVest Venture Partners - St. Louis, MO
Agman - Omaha, NE
Hall Capital - Oklahoma City, OK
Cowboy Technology Angels - Oklahoma City, OK
Trailblazer Capital - Oklahoma City, OK
UnityPoint Health Ventures - Des Moines, IA
Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation - Laurel County, KY
Koley Jessen - Omaha, NE
M25 Venture Capital - Omaha, NE
Maverick Venture Fund - Omaha, NE
Nebraska Global - Lincoln, NE
First Capital Partners - Omaha, NE
McCarthy Capital - Omaha, NE
Nebraska Angels - Lincoln, NE
Oklahome Life Science Fund - Tulsa, OK
Cimarron Capital Partners - Oklahoma City, OK
Raymond James - Oklahoma City, OK
Jackson Hole Capital Partners - Tulsa, OK
Way Point Private Capital - Tulsa, OK
McAfee & Taft - Oklahoma City, OK
Square Deal Capital - Oklahoma City, OK
Spur Capital Partners - Bartlesville, OK
Omega Capital - Tulsa, OK
KPMG Venture Capital - Des Moines, IA
Boyle Capital - Des Moines, IA
Summit Equity Group - Des Moines, IA

Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation - Laurel County, KY
Koley Jessen - Omaha, NE
M25 Venture Capital - Omaha, NE
Maverick Venture Fund - Omaha, NE
Nebraska Global - Lincoln, NE
First Capital Partners - Omaha, NE
McCarthy Capital - Omaha, NE
Nebraska Angels - Lincoln, NE
Oklahome Life Science Fund - Tulsa, OK
Cimarron Capital Partners - Oklahoma City, OK
Raymond James - Oklahoma City, OK
Jackson Hole Capital Partners - Tulsa, OK
Way Point Private Capital - Tulsa, OK
McAfee & Taft - Oklahoma City, OK
Square Deal Capital - Oklahoma City, OK
Spur Capital Partners - Bartlesville, OK
Omega Capital - Tulsa, OK
KPMG Venture Capital - Des Moines, IA
Boyle Capital - Des Moines, IA
Nebraska Innovation Fund: Prototype Fund (Grant) - Omaha - NE
McCarthy Capital - Omaha - NE
Union Pacific Corporation - Omaha - NE
Invest Nebraska - Lincoln, NE
Panorama Point Partners - Omaha, NE
Javlin Capital - Omaha, NE
Skyline Advisors - Omaha, NE
Roots Venture Group - Lincoln, NE
Burlington Capital - Omaha, NE
Neace Ventures - Louisville, KY
Radicle Capital - Louisville, KY
Blue Equity - Louisville, KY
Poplar Ventures - Louisville, KY
Tri-State Angel Investment Group - Ashland, KY
MiddleGround Capital - Lexington, KY
Blue Grass Angels - Lexington, KY
C3 Capital - Kansas, MO
Midwest Venture Alliance - Wichita, KS
Target Hill Capital - Overland Park, KS
Expedition Capital - Kansas City, MO
Great Plains Capital Partners - Kansas City, MO
Cobalt Ventures - Kansas City, MO
Novel Growth Partners - Mission, KS
KC Venture Group, LLC - Leawood, KS
Great Range Capital - Mission Woods, KS
Nuettera Capital - Leawood, KS
i2E Inc - Oklahoma City, OK
Hall Capital - Oklahoma City, OK
NAFA Capital Markets - Oklahoma City, OK
Davis, Tuttle Venture Partners - Tulsa, OK
Argonaut Private Equity - Tulsa, OK
First United Venture Capital Corporation - Oklahoma City, OK
Marco Capital Group - Oklahoma City, OK
Meta Fund - Edmond, OK
WayCross Partners - Louisville, KY
Weller Equity - Louisville, KY
Tradebot Ventures, Inc. - Kansas City, MO
Ascension Health Ventures - St. Louis, MO
Bush O'Donnell Capital - St. Louis, MO
Capital for Business, Inc. - St. Louis, MO
Compass Group Equity Partners - Clayton, MO
WILsquare Capital - St. Louis, MO
Adventures - Columbia, MO
Alitus Partners - St. Louis, MO
Forsyth Capital Investors - St. Louis, MO
Tenaska Capital Management - Omaha, NE


Venture Capital Firms in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont


Alerion Partners - Fairfield, CT
Amergent Capital - New Haven,CT
Bain Capital Ventures - Boston, MA
Battery Ventures - Boston, MA
Cava Capital - ST. Norwalk,CT
Connecticut Innovations - Rocky Hill,CT
Endeavor Capital Management - Lancashire,CT
Elm Street Ventures - New Haven,CT 
Flagship Ventures - Cambridge, MA
Globespan Capital Partners - Boston, MA
Green Haven Partners - Stamford ,CT
Hudson Structured Capital - Stamford,CT
Virtus Capital -  Hartford,CT
Springwell Capital Partners - Stamford,CT
OAK HC/FT - Greenwich,CT
Oak Investment Partners - Greenwich,CT
Kline Hill Partners - Greenwich,CT
M.M.Dillon&Co. - Greenwich,CT
Sterling Investment Partners - Westport,CT
Partner Capital Group - Greenwich,CT
First Reserve - Stamford,CT
Health Venture - New Haven,CT
Oxford Bioscience Partners - Mansfield, MA
Schroder Ventures Life Sciences - Boston, MA
Brook Venture Partners - Wakefield, MA
OCR Capital - Londonderry, NH
Spark Capital - Boston, MA
Summit Partners - Boston, MA
Omega Funds - Boston, MA
Hyperplane Venture Capital - Boston, MA
Kepha Partners - Waltham, MA
5 AM Ventures - Boston, MA
Mass Investors - Arlington, MA
Reinventure Capital - Boston, MA
Launchpad Venture Group - Boston, MA
Bluehub Capital - Boston, MA
The Venture Capital Fund of New England (VFCNE) - Wellesley Hills, MA
406 Ventures - Boston, MA
Massachusetts Capital Resource Company - Boston, MA
Flare Capital Partners - Boston, MA
Glouston Capital Partners - Boston, MA
Progress Ventures - Boston, MA
Launch Capital - New Haven , CT
Boston Seed Capital - Boston, MA
Boston Millennia Partners - Boston, MA
Accomplice - Cambridge, MA
Commonwealth Capital Ventures - Woburn, MA
Massachusetts Clean Energy Center - Boston, MA
Flybridge Capital Partners - Boston, MA
Windspeed Ventures - Concord, MA
VIMAC Ventures - Boston, MA
Cava Capital - St. Norwalk, CT
1843 Capital - Greenwich, CT
Innovation Destination Hartford - Hartford, CT
Connecticut Business & Industry Association - Hartford, CT
Ironwood Capital - Avon, CT
Oak Hill Capital Partners - Stamford, CT
Stone Point Capital - Greenwich, CT
Social Venture Partners - Westport, CT
Longitude Capital - Greenwich, CT
NewCastle Partners - Greenwich, CT
Landmark Angels  - Greenwich, CT
Capital & Venture Resources - Ridgefield, CT
TechXel Stamford - Stamford, CT
Alaia Capital - Darien, CT
Galen Partners - Stamford, CT
Yale Venture Capital - New Haven , CT
Pegasus Capital Advisors - Stamford, CT


10x Venture Partners - Manchester, NH
Oxford Bioscience Partners - Mansfield, MA
General Catalyst Partners - Cambridge, MA
Polaris Partners - Waltham, MA
PJC - Boston, MA
NextView Ventures - Boston, MA
Highland Capital Partners - Cambridge, MA
CRV (Charles River Ventures) - Cambridge, MA
MassVentures - Boston, MA
Matrix Partners - Cambridge, MA
New Atlantic Ventures - Cambridge, MA
OpenView Venture Partners - Boston, MA
Volition Capital - Boston, MA
G20 Ventures - Boston, MA
Advanced Technology Ventures - Waltham, MA
Canaan Partners - Westport, CT
Collinson Howe & Lennox L.L.C. - Southport, CT
Connecticut Innovations, Inc. - Rocky Hill, CT
Oak Investment Partners - Greenwich, CT
Saugatuck Capital Company - Shelton, CT
Fresh Tracks Capital - Shelburne, VT
Underdog Ventures - Island Pond, VT
CEI Ventures, Inc./Coastal Ventures, L.P. - Brunswick, ME
Maine Angels - Portland, ME
Opus Ventures - Portland, ME
Borealis Ventures - Hanove, NH
Sterling Investment Partners - Westport, CT
Starwood Capital - Greenwich, CT
Amergent Capital - New Haven, CT
Portico Capital - Greenwich, CT
Partner Capital Group - Greenwich, CT

Palm Ventures - Greenwich, CT
Ardsley Partners - Stamford, CT
First Reserve - Stamford, CT
HIG Capital - Stamford, CT
Virtus Investment Partners - Hartford, CT
Mesirow Financial - Hartford, CT
Slater Technology Fund - Providence, RI
Bay Capital Investment Partners - Providence, RI
Parsons Capital - Providence, RI
Nautic - Providence, RI
RevUp Capital - Providence, RI
Pathway Capital Management - Providence, RI
Warbros Venture Partners - Westerly, RI
WhaleRock Point Partners - Providence, RI
Rhode Island Commerce Corporation - Providence, RI
Everhope Capital - Providence, RI
Liberty Capital Partners - Stamford , CT

Bellevue Capital Ventures - Newport, RI
Robinson+Cole - Providence, RI
College Hill Ventures - Providence, RI
Borealis Ventures - Portsmouth, NH
Tuckerman Capital - Hanover, NH
Alumni Ventures Group - Manchester , NH
Borealis Venture Management Co - Hanover, NH
Wasabi Ventures - Manchester , NH
Vigilant Capital Management - Portsmouth, NH
Harvest Capital Management - Concord, NH
Focus Acquisition partners - Hanover, NH
BV Investment Partners - Boston, MA
Sea Glass Capital - Falmouth, ME
Vermont Works Management Company - Burlington, VT
Vermont Seed Capital - Burlington, VT
Vermont Venture Network - Burlington, VT
VSECU - Montpelier, VT
Kline Hill Partners - Greenwich, CT
M.M. Dillon & Co.  - Greenwich, CT



Venture Capital Firms in Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota and Winconsin


2x Growth Partners - Chicago, IL
Alumni Ventures Group - Chicago, IL
Allos Ventures - Cincinnati, OH
Baird Capital - Chicago, IL
BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners - Chicago, IL
Boeing HorizonX Ventures - Chicago, IL
CincyTech - Cincinnati, Ohio
Citadel - Chicago, IL
City Side Ventures - Birmingham, Michigan
Detroit Venture Partners - Detroit, Michigan
General Motors Ventures - Detroit, Michigan
Great Lakes Advisors - Chicago, Illinois
Great Lakes Investment Mgmt - Cleveland, Ohio
Hyde Park Venture Partners - Chicago, IL
INVEST DETROIT - Detroit, Michigan
StarTec Investments, LLC - Minneapolis, MN
Split Rock Partners - Eden Prairie, MN
Versant Ventures - Eden Prairie, MN
Kegonsa Capital Partners - Madison, Wisconsin
Wisconsin Super Angel Fund - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Venture Investors LLC - Madison, Wisconsin
HealthX Ventures - Madison, Wisconsin
Capital Midwest Fund - Mequon, Wisconsin
Lubar & Co - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Borgman Capital LLC - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Sight Line Partners - Bloomington, MN
Split Rock Partners - Minneapolis, MN
Valor Equity Partners - Chicago, IL
Pritzker Group Venture Capital - Chicago, IL
JumpCapital - Chicago, IL
Lakewest Venture Partners - Chicago, IL
Northwestern Mutual Future Ventures - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
OCA Ventures - Chicago, IL
Rev1 Ventures - Columbus, Ohio
Sandbox Industries - Chicago, IL
Second Century Ventures - Chicago, IL
Granite Equity Partners - St Cloud, MN
Great North Labs - Minneapolis, MN
H.B. Fuller Ventures - St. Paul, MN
Hopewell Ventures LP - Peoria, IL
Illinois Ventures - Champaign, IL
JK&B Capital - Chicago, IL
Jumpstart Ventures - Chicago, IL

Serra Ventures - Champaign, Illinois
Shaker LaunchHouse - Highland Heights, Ohio
Start Garden - Michigan
TRIBUS - Chicago, IL
Venture Investor - Madison, Wisconsin
Wisconsin Investment Partners - Madison, Wisconsin
Brightstone Venture Capital - Minneapolis, MN
Norwest Equity Partners - Minneapolis, MN
Stone Arch Capital, LLC - Minneapolis, MN
Mill City Capital - Minneapolis, MN
Lemhi Ventures Inc. - Wayzata, MN
4490 Ventures - Madison, Wisconsin
Baird Venture Partners - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Mason Wells - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Lakeview Equity Partners LLC - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Blackthorne Partners - Delafield, Wisconsin
LFE Capital - Hennepin County, MN
Marquette Capital Partners - Hennepin County, MN
Matchstick Ventures - Minneapolis, MN
MATH Venture Partners - Chicago, IL
Primus Venture Partners - Cuyahoga County, Ohio
Blue Chip Venture Company - Cincinnati, OH
Abundant Venture Partners - Chicago, IL
Adams Street Partners - Chicago, IL
Affinity Capital Management - Minneapolis, MN
Apex Venture Partners - Chicago, IL
Arch Venture Partners - Chicago, IL
BlueStream Ventures - Minneapolis, MN
Bridge Investments - Lake County, IL
Capita3 - Minneapolis, MN
Ceres Venture Fund - Chicago, IL
Cherry Tree Investments - Minnetonka, MN
Clique Capital - Minneapolis, MN
Convergent Capital Partners - Minneapolis, MN
Coral Group - Minneapolis, MN
Dundee Venture Capital - Minneapolis, MN
FireStarter Fund - Chicago, Illinois
Goldner Hawn Johnson & Morrison - Minneapolis, MN
MK Capital - Chicago, IL
Omphalos Venture Partners - Shakopee, Illinois
Portage Equity Investments - Hennepin County, MN


Venture Capital Firms in Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, North Carolina, West Virginia and Puerto Rico


Advantage Capital Partners - New Orleans, LA
Accuitive Medical Ventures LLC - Atlanta, GA
Alabama Innovation Fund - Montgomery, AL
Alabama Launchpad - Birmingham, AL
Clayton Associates - Nashville, TN
Coleman Swenson Booth - Franklin, TN
Council Ventures - Nashville, TN
BIP Capital - Atlanta, GA
BVM Capital, LLC - Bossier City, LA
Future Factory - New Orleans, LA
EGL Holdings - Atlanta, GA
Engage Ventures - Atlanta, GA
Ellis Capital - Atlanta, GA
B. Riley FBR Inc. - Memphis, TN
Timberline Holdings - Birmingham, AL
Maynard Cooper - Birmingham, AL
Birmingham Venture Club - Birmingham, AL
Redmont Capital - Birmingham, AL
Bonaventure Capital - Birmingham, AL
LCP Private Equity - Birmingham, AL
New Capital Partners - Birmingham, AL
Burr Forman - Birmingham, AL
Alabama SBDC Network - Montgomery, AL
Morro Ventures - San Juan, PR

Fulcrum Equity Partners - Atlanta, GA
Georgia Oak Partners - Atlanta, GA
Gen Cap America - Nashville, TN
Harbert Management Corporation - Birmingham, AL
Hamel Interests and Private Equity, LLC - Shreveport, LA
Kinetic Ventures, L.L.C. - Atlanta, GA
Knoll Ventures - Atlanta, GA
Lousiana Funds - Baton Rouge, LA
Mosley Ventures - Atlanta, GA
Petra Capital Partners, LLC - Nashville, TN
River Associates Investments - Chattanooga, TN
SSM Partners - Memphis, TN
Startup Atlanta - Atlanta, GA
Stonehenge Capital - Ridgeland, MS
Tech Square Ventures - Atlanta, GA
Tullis-Dickerson & Co., Inc. - Palm Beach Gardens, FL
TSB Ventures - Folsom, LA
Venture Lab - Atlanta, GA
Voodoo Ventures - New Orleans, LA
2nd Generation Capital - Nashville, TN
Taino Capital - San Juan, PR
Advent Morro Equity Partners - San Juan, PR
Caribbean Private Equity Partners - San Juan, PR
Moon Sail Capital - San Juan, PR


Venture Capital Firms in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Washington, D.C


Comcast Ventures - Philadelphia, PA
Blue Heron Capital - Richmond, VA
Blazar Ventures LLC - Alexandria, VA
NewVa Capital Partners - Radford, VA
Cary Street Partners - Richmond, VA
Tall Oaks Capital Partners - Charlottesville, VA
Trolley Venture Partners - Richmond, VA
QED Investors - Alexandria, VA
Industry Ventures - Alexandria, VA
Harbert Growth Partners - Richmond,VA
Envest Ventures - Virginia Beach, VA
Disruptor Capital - Alexandria, VA
Revolution - Washington, DC
Strategic Cyber Ventures - Washington, DC
NeuroVentures Captial, L.L.C - Charlottesville, VA
Savano Capital Partners - Baltimore, MD
Fenway Summer Ventures - Washington DC
Early Light Ventures - Rockville, MD
Lemonjuice Capital Partners -Gaithersburg, MD
Camber Creek - Rockville, MD
Emerging Technology Partners - Rockville, MD
JMI Equity - Baltimore, MD
Red Abbey Venture Partners - Baltimore, MD
Rock Springs Capital - Baltimore, MD
T. Rowe Price - Baltimore, MD
Maryland Venture Fund - Howard County, MD
ABS Capital Partners - Baltimore, MD
Greenspring Associates - Baltimore, MD
TDF Ventures - Montgomery County, MD
Novak Biddle Venture Partners - Montgomery County, MD
Angel Kings - Venture Capital & Private Equity Firm - Washington, DC
Vital Venture Capital LLC - Washington, DC
Route 66 Ventures, LLC - Alexandria, Virginia
Swan & Legend Venture Partners - Leesburg, Virginia
Blu Venture Investors - Vienna, Virginia
Columbia Capital - Alexandria, Virginia
Court Square Ventures - Charlottesville, Virginia
Virginia Capital Partners, LLC - Richmond, Virginia
Blue Heron Capital - Richmond, Virginia
SeventySix Capital - Conshohocken, PA
Draper Triangle Ventures - Pittsburgh, PA
Robin Hood Ventures - Philadelphia, PA
Osage Partners - Philadelphia, PA
Penn Venture Partners LP - Harrisburg, PA
Originate Ventures - Bethlehem, PA
LLR Partners - Philadelphia, PA
Southbox Startup Studio - Philadelphia, PA
Rittenhouse Ventures - Philadelphia, PA
Pittsburgh Venture Capital Association - Bridgeville, PA
Birchmere Ventures - Pittsburgh, PA
Incline Equity Partners - Pittsburgh, PA
Main Line Equity Partners - Ardmore, PA
Eureka Equity Partners - Philadelphia, PA
Rosetta Capital - Pittsburgh, PA
Stonewood Capital Management - Pittsburgh, PA
Versa Capital Management LLC - Philadelphia, PA
Tecum Capital Partners - Wexford, PA
New Horizons Venture Capital - Washington, DC
Main Line Equity Partners -Pittsburgh, PA
Eureka Equity Partners -Philadelphia, PA
Rosetta Capital - Pittsburgh, PA
Versa Capital Management LLC - Philadelphia, PA
Mill Creek Capital Advisors - Pittsburgh, PA
MissionOG - Philadelphia, PA
ABG Capital - Pittsburgh, PA
Red & Blue Ventures - Philadelphia, PA
Paladin Capital Group - Washington, DC
Village Capital - Washington, DC
Core Capital Partners -Washington, DC
International Finance Corporation - Washington, DC
Aquicore - Washington, DC
Knollwood Investment Advisory - Hunt Valley, MD
ABS Capital Partners -Baltimore, MD
Sterling Venture Partners - Baltimore, MD
TCP Venture Capital - Baltimore, MD
Draper Triangle Ventures -Pittsburgh, PA
Robin Hood Ventures -Philadelphia, PA
Originate VenturesBethlehem, PA
LLR Partners -Philadelphia, PA
Rittenhouse Ventures -Philadelphia, PA
Incline Equity Partners -Pittsburgh, PA
1776 - Philadelphia, PA
Accion Frontier Investments Group - Washington, DC
Accolade Partners - Washington, DC
Carlyle Venture Partners - Washington, DC
DC Community Ventures - Washington, DC
In-Q-Tel - Washington, DC
K-Street Capital - Washington, DC
Middle Bridge Partners - Washington, DC
Middleland Capital - Washington, DC
Multiplier Capital - Washington, DC
Quona Capital - Washington, DC
Vital Venture Capital - Washington, DC
Working Lab Capital - Washington, DC
Princeton Ventures - Princeton, NJ
Edison Partners - Princeton, NJ
Foundation Venture Capital Group, LLC - Princeton, NJ

Plus Ventures - Woodbridge, NJ
Inspiros Ventures, LLC - Berkeley Height, NJ
Rosemark Smart Capital - Princeton, NJ
Mid Mark Capital - Morristown, NJ
DFW Capital Partners - Bergen County, NJ
Ridgewood Energy Corporation - Bergen County, NJ
New Venture Partners - Union County, NJ
Egis Capital Partners - Summit, NJ
Paladin Capital Group - Washington, DC
Grosvenor Funds - Washington, DC
Avansis Ventures - Fairfax County, Virginia
The Launch Place - Danville, Virginia
RiverFront Investment Group - Richmond, Virginia 
Tredegar Investments - Richmond, Virginia
Private Access Network - Vienna, Virginia
Valhalla Partners, L.P. - Vienna, Virginia
SpaceVest - Fairfax County, Virginia
Fitz Gate Ventures - Princeton, NJ
Lighthouse Financial Advisors LLC - Monmouth County, NJ
Creative Edge Ventures - Princeton, NJ
Birnberg Group - Bergen County, NJ
Domain Associates - Princeton, NJ
Foundation Venture Capital Group - Princeton, NJ
The Vertical Group - Somerset, NJ
Zon Capital Partners - Princeton, NJ
Newark Venture Partners - Newark, NJ
SOSV- Princeton, NJ
SoundBoard Venture Fund - Essex County, NJ
ESP Equity Partners - Somerset County, NJ
Foundation Venture Capital Group, LLC - Princeton, NJ
Plus Ventures - Middlesex County, NJ
Inspiros Ventures, LLC - Union County, NJ
Harbert Management Corporation - Richmond, VA
HALI Capital Group LLC - Fairfax County, VA
Baltimore Boost Fund -  Baltimore County, MD
MicroVest - Montgomery County, MD
Toucan Capital - Montgomery County, MD
Rhodes Partners - Montgomery County, MD
EnerTech Capital - Conshohocken, PA
Adams Capital Management, Inc. - Allegheny County , PA
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. - Allentown, PA
BTG International, Inc - Conshohocken , PA
Cross Atlantic Capital Partners - Delaware County , PA
Innovation Works, Inc. - Pittsburgh, PA
Lancet Capital - Pittsburgh, PA
Meridian Venture Partners - Delaware County , PA
S.R. One, Limited - Philadelphia, PA
ABB Technology Ventures -  Washington, DC
Accion Frontier Investments Group - Baltimore, MD
Aldrich Capital Partners - Montgomery County, MD
Amplifier Advisors - Fairfax County, VA
Arborview Capital - Chevy Chase, MD
Board Assets - Washington, DC
Booz Allen Hamilton - Washington, DC
Boulder Ventures -  Chevy Chase, MD
Capital Sports Ventures - Arlington, VA
CIT Gap Funds - Fairfax County, VA
DC Community Ventures - Washington, DC
New Atlantic Ventures - Fairfax County, VA
Updata Partners - Washington, DC
Grotech Ventures - Arlington County, VA
Activate Venture Partners - Bethlehem, VA
New Enterprise Associates - Baltimore County, MD
Paladin Capital Group - Washington, DC
Revolution Ventures - Washington, DC
Sands Capital Ventures - Arlington County, VA
DARPA - Arlington, Virginia
StoneMill Ventures - Fairfax County, VA
Edison Venture Fund - Princeton, NJ
New Venture Partners LLC - Union County, NJ
OmniCapital Group LLC - Union County, NJ
Ridgewood Energy Corporation - Bergen County, NJ
Egis Capital Partners - Union County, NJ
Battelle Ventures - Princeton, NJ
Edelson Technology Partners - Bergen County, NJ
Rosemark Smart Capital - Princeton, NJ
Mid Mark Capital - Morris County, NJ
DFW Capital Partners - Bergen County, NJ
Princeton Ventures - Princeton, NJ
Edison Partners -  Princeton, NJ
Route 66 Ventures, LLC - Alexandria, VA
Columbia Capital - Alexandria, VA
Virginia Capital Partners, LLC - Richmond, VA
Advantage Capital Partners Llc - Washington, DC




Venture Capital Firms in New York


Abacus Capital Group - New York, NY
betaworks - New York, NY
BDMI Fund - New York, NY
BOLDstart Ventures - New York, NY
BoxGroup - New York, NY
Bowery Capital - New York, NY
Brooklyn Bridge Ventures - Brooklyn, NY
Collaborative Fund - New York, NY
Contour Venture Partners - New York, NY
Corigin Ventures - New York, NY
Eniac Ventures - New York, NY
FirstMark Capital - New York, NY
ff Venture Capital - New York, NY
IA Ventures - New York, NY
General Atlantic - New York, NY
Genacast Ventures - New York, NY
Greycroft - New York, NY
Great Oaks Venture Capital - New York, NY
Insight Venture Partners - New York, NY
Laconia Capital Group - New York, NY
Lerer Hippeau Ventures - New York, NY
Mesa Ventures - New York, NY
Metamorphic Ventures - New York, NY
NGEN Partners L.L.C - New York, NY
Quotidian Ventures - New York, NY
Red Swan - New York, NY
Red Sea Ventures - New York, NY
Rho Ventures - New York, NY
RRE Ventures - New York, NY
RTP Ventures - New York, NY
Scout Ventures - New York, NY
StarVest Partners - New York, NY
Time Warner Investments - New York, NY
Tribeca Venture Partners - New York, NY
Thrive Capital - New York, NY
Union Square Ventures - New York, NY
Vayner/RSE - New York, NY
Warburg Pincus LLC - New York, NY
Zelkova Ventures - New York, NY