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Famous Startup Companies – What Do They Have in Common

It’s getting increasingly easier to find startups in the modern age. This is likely a knock-on effect of a massive tech boom from a few years ago. Modern technology, for one thing, is helping people innovate new ways to change the world for the better. But what do the most successful startups have in common?


What Are Some of the Most Famous or Successful Startups?

It’s likely there are some companies out there which you may not even be aware, were startups in the first place. That may well be a testament to their success. Some of the most popular services available on your smartphone, for example, come to you courtesy of startup companies.

Some great examples of huge success stories include AirBnB, the couch-surfing app. They are now worth more than $10 billion. Beyond this, there is Uber, the car-hailing app, as well as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat. All three have changed the way in which we communicate in the modern era.

Are you spotting patterns in these successful startups? For one, they all spotted niches in the market at the right time. However, market insight isn’t the only thing they keep in common.

Common Traits to Spot in Potentially Successful Startups

Beyond initial innovation and a key eye for insight and need, there are plenty of ways to spot potential future success stories. For one thing, funding is a huge giveaway. The best startups manage to source funding responsibly. Not only that, but they also set realistic funding targets.

The most successful startups are those who are willing to change. It’s easy to find startups who believe they offer a miracle product or service. What got Uber, Instagram, and Snapchat moving was their individual willingness to adapt. Interestingly, Instagram chose to adapt under a Facebook buyout, while Snapchat resisted Mark Zuckerberg completely.

Beyond this, startups likely to do well will have the greater good in mind. Yes – plenty of startups aim to make money. However, from the off, it should be clear that they want to change the world. Yes, there was always money available for AirBnB to make. However, they led with the idea that it was hard for everyday people to find affordable, flexible accommodation for one or two nights.

Leading startups are willing to challenge people as well as themselves. It’s a hugely admirable trait, and one you might wish to invest in.

Finding Future Successes

Unfortunately, there is no golden formula for finding a perfect startup every time. However, using the above ideas, you may find it easier to spot promising potential in funded companies.

It may also be worthwhile looking through services such as Fundz to narrow down your options. Startup companies looking for investor support to help them head to their next big goal will shrewdly use the best platforms to find connections.

If you’re learning how to find startup companies, make sure to know what true potential looks like!



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