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What Recently Funded Startups Look for in SEO Service Providers

SEO, or search engine optimization, is crucial for any business hoping to survive the modern online landscape. There are specific rules and guidelines that all websites need to follow if they wish to be found by organic searchers. Organic search is a massive driver for startups and established firms.



As an SEO service provider, you may already know what sets your team and skills apart from the industry average. But what should you focus on when it comes to appealing to recently funded startups? While you can use Fundz to find startups ready to partner with SEO specialists, you still need to consider a few points so that you can convert on that all-important lead.


Honesty and Openness

It may be tempting to believe a startup doesn't know what makes a good SEO service provider. However, business owners at this level are likely to be wary of anyone promising instant results. You should demonstrate your honesty, as well as your skills. That means that your firm needs to be ready to show potential customers what they can expect from the work you do.

Show and tell your clients what you can do. Be open and honest. There are no reasons why you should hide behind big words and numbers.



SEO tends to be an add-on service or afterthought for some web design agencies. If you are an SEO service provider, it needs to be your primary focus. Can you demonstrate how your skills work in practice? Are your own websites and portals up to scratch?

If there are clear ways through which you can demonstrate your expertise, it is worth doing so as early on in the process as possible. Funded startups will want to know that you offer a specialist service, not just an add-on.


Competitive Pricing

Newly funded startups will not always be looking for cheap SEO providers. In fact, such is the industry, rates that are too low are likely to appear cheap in a different sense. Therefore, you should consider setting prices and services up, which are excellent value first, and low cost second.

Low pricing is likely to be a reverse driver for many businesses. SEO providers offering cheap services may focus more on quantity delivered, rather than quality. Therefore, you need to appeal directly to your clients' skepticism.


Prove Your References and Worth

A sure-fire way to ensure that you connect well with a funded startup is to demonstrate your worth directly. Rather than lead with hollow marketing promises, be willing to offer case studies.

Recently funded companies will want to see that your insight and expertise, as well as tools, directly improve online standing. Can you provide genuine feedback from clients who you have helped to turn around? Any funded startup worth their money will want a little more confidence than promises and value services. They want to see what you can do.


Do Startups Need SEO?

It's safe to say that all businesses, to survive in the modern age, will need SEO. It is an organic driver of engaged visitors and the best source of b2b sales leads. While the rules may change occasionally, it will be rare to find a startup that isn't clued into how important your role is for their business.



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