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VCs Look to New Startup Companies Targeting Alzheimers Disease

Alzheimer's Disease remains one of the most devastating neurological conditions we still know little about. While medical advancements and research may be bringing us closer to a cure, the condition is continuing to devastate families. Venture capitalists, therefore, are taking their own initiative. Many VCs are taking on the fight against the Disease themselves – by investing in startup companies and innovations.



What's Being Done to Tackle Alzheimer's Disease?

Much research and development is continuing to probe deep into the Alzheimer's riddle. Studies suggest that early diagnosis is critical. This, it is presumed, will help medical facilities develop treatments that could help to reverse the effects. Drug development, at the least, is growing more and more.

Studies over the years have suggested that specific brain protein levels are likely to blame. However, the consensus continues to build – that we need more diagnostic innovation, and therefore greater ability to address high protein spikes before it's too late. In many cases, Alzheimer's patients are facing diagnosis far too late.

Therefore, hypothetically, cures, and treatments are possible. However, it depends on diagnostic innovators!

How Much Does the Battle Cost, and Who's Paying?

An exact figure as to how much the cure to Alzheimer's Disease might cost is hard to come by. Ultimately, it is a blend of government bodies, private investors, and charities who are funding the fight. For example, in the UK, a Dementia Discovery Fund was financed by investors keen to look for treatments.

High-profile investors – such as Microsoft's Bill Gates – have paid into such funds. Specifically, such a $30 million scheme exists purely for researching Alzheimer's - with Gates' backing.

It's clear that governments only have so much capital to invest in research. Therefore, charities at home and overseas - such as Alzheimer's Research UK - depend on generous donations. However, an alternative, emerging way to fund the fight is for VCs to look for startups with specific solutions planning ahead.

When Will We Beat Alzheimer's Disease?

With all the most promising treatments in the world, we are years away from even the most innovative trials taking place. The recent COVID-19 crisis may have taken money and time away from research, too. That, more than ever, is why VCs are looking carefully at investing in promising startups.

Alzheimer's startups are appealing to VCs because they offer an alternative approach to research. Charities and government bodies are working as hard as they can. However, in the modern age, it is the funded startups, independent engineers, who are driving interest.

While investment continues to propel charities forward, VC investments in Alzheimer's startups are growing. Ultimately, to a VC, it makes sense to try as many possible routes for a cure as possible. In a world where the smallest of businesses make some of the biggest leaps, it's a strong strategy.

Finding an Alzheimer's Startup

VCs, therefore, are looking carefully at new startup companies, in the hope of finding a cure. Services such as Fundz may be able to help them find the right bodies should they wish to learn more.





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