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How to Generate B2B Sales Leads for IT Services

Modern businesses will always need IT providers. It’s safe to say that even the least tech-savvy of brands will be working with a variety of systems and services. However, IT B2B is a complex and competitive world.

how to generate leads for IT services

The fact is, there are many different IT firms out there, all likely marketing themselves to the same ends, so the question of how to generate leads for IT services remains unanswered for many in the industry.

So – what are genuinely successful IT lead generators doing to build worthwhile contacts? Seasoned IT lead generation agencies use a number of different routes and tools. However, it’s worth watering down a few of the staple systems and strategies for use in your day-to-day lead generation.


Lead By Example

An effective way to continue generating organic IT leads is to show what you can do through your outward marketing. All IT businesses and service providers should have an airtight web design and social media. That means that your website should be flawless in its copy, its functionality, and its practicality.

Setting up B2B sales leads for the IT sector may be as simple as putting forward an exceptional first impression. Successful IT firms are more likely to appeal to B2B contacts through direct demonstrations of what they can do.


Automate Your Marketing

IT firms should have a good handle on both a variety of different suites, software, and programming languages. It is unlikely to be alien to you, as an IT specialist, to automate much of your daily running. The same could apply to your B2B lead generation.

Email marketing continues to be a considerable driver in sales and lead capture, even with B2B. You can design and set up triggers for your marketing dashboard to follow up on visitors who have left contact details. Alternatively, if you offer an e-commerce approach to IT support, you can use cookie data to persuade visitors to come back to you.

Automating processes is the smartest option available. One of the best ways to pursue B2B sales lead generation in IT is to take as little time as possible to actively pursue. It is a fine way to put your skills and knowledge to good use. You may also use a startup directory such as available through Fundz to find willing startup partnerships. Fundz also lets you can export a list of startup companies that recently received funding, so you can create automated campaigns.


Address Specific Problems

All IT solutions providers will, of course, want to focus on problem-solving. However, generic B2B marketing should not focus on solving ‘all’ problems a customer may have. It’s essential to identify some of the more pressing issues, the bigger hassles, that your clients are likely to face day in, day out.

These may vary from client to client. A key example to use could be data backups and retrieval or taking servers off-site. Business clients are also likely to want to save as much money as possible. Consider some of the problems a business may face in employing in-house IT staff. How can you effectively remove such issues, and cost barriers?

There are plenty of B2B stats and figures to think about. It is also simple to conclude that all IT support teams will have different audiences and different targets. However, from a B2B lead generation perspective, it is worth drilling down into specific issues, following up through automated marketing, and presenting a flawless, technologically-sound image.




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