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Startup Data from 4,817 Funding Rounds

We analyzed the 4,800+ funding rounds in the U.S. year to date of greater than or equal to $100k. Here are some interesting startup data points from 2019:

  1. New York leads all cities in number of deals, with almost 450 startups raising $100k or more so far in 2019.
  2. Redwood City's name is spot on related to deal sizes. Despite only 19 deals YTD, startups in the city have raised over $770 million, with an average deal size of over $42 million.
  3. Startups in Palo Alto have raised almost $1 billion year to date. With a population of 67k, that's almost $15k per resident.
  4. Massachusetts has 3 cities (Boston, Cambridge and Waltham) in the top 20 total funded year to date; California dominates the pack with 10 of the top 20.
  5. The average Series A financing round is now $13.22 million, hovering around an all-time high.
  6. Massachusetts dominates all states in funding for pharmaceutical companies, with almost half a billion year to date funded. That's almost twice the funding of #2 California and no other state is even close.
  7. The median funding amount of the 4,800 plus fundings of 100k or more was $1.86 million
  8. 8 of the top 10 startup fundings year to date are in California; six of those are in San Francisco, including 4 of the top 5.
  9. Oil and Gas companies have led Houston into the top 10, with over $700 million in funding.
  10. 67 Cities have startups that have raised $100 million or more year to date.

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