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VC Funding 2019: YTD Observations

Fundz yesterday released a 2019 funding trends report which shows the level of venture capital funding so far in 2019 by state and industry, as well as the top funding rounds year to date.

Here are some observations on VC Funding so far in 2019:

1.) Though Washington is 7th in overall in total startup company funding YTD, it is 4th in the 'Other Technology' category (shaded blue on the report). It is worth noting that there are two more specific categories, telecommunications and computers, which tech companies can fall under, though the vast majority of tech fundings are filed under the "other technology" category. Massachusetts, Texas and Colorado are all very close in this category, with $207mm, $189mm and $173mm raised, respectively.

Funding Rounds Washington 2019

2.) Massachusetts dominates in Biotechnology funding, with over $270 million raised so far in 2019. Despite raising over 3x the amount in total startup company funding, 2nd place California has raised almost $100 million less than Mass in biotech funding year to date.

Mass biotech funding 2019 ytd

3.) All five of the top startup funding rounds in 2019 so far are in California. 4/5 are in San Francisco.

top funding rounds 2019

4.) Series A Funding is averaging $10 million, relatively unchanged from $10.5 million in 2018. The standard deviation is $4.4 million, meaning 68% of all Series A fundings range from approximately $5.6mm to $14.4 million.

5.) Entering the last week of the quarter, the overall VC funding environment in the U.S. remains robust. Q1 may come in slightly lower from Q1, 2018, though levels are not showing any significant decline and the last week of the quarter still remains to be counted. There have been 1,567 funding rounds of $100k or greater.

The perennial leaders of California, New York, Massachusetts, Texas and Colorado continue to lead the way in VC funding. #1 California has over 2.5 times the startup funding of #2 New York.

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 6.01.24 AM

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