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U.S. Military Tech Startups: Who’s Buying in?

Military technology is constantly evolving, and as a result, it’s increasingly necessary. Military tech not only caters to the battlefield but to first response and aerospace, too. Many startups are continuing to grow the sphere. But who’s taking full advantage of these innovations?

military tech startups


US Military Tech at a Glance

It is safe to say that several US military tech providers are generating incredible income. Lockheed Martin, for example, made around $53 billion in 2019 alone. It’s clear that spending, and sales, are upscaling.

However, we need to consider ways in which military tech is upgrading for the years to come. For example, experts suggest that artificial intelligence, AI, is growing increasingly important. AI is helping to reduce the time taken to produce and ready weaponry, for example.

What’s more, electric military vehicle technology is on the rise. This is likely in line with companies and governments striving to go greener in the face of ecological targets.

Who Are the Backers and Buyers?

It is easy to think that the sole buyers and backers of military tech in the US will solely be armed forces. While this is the case, various sources suggest that buyers of this grade of technology are widespread.

For example, it’s through that both the FBI and the Federal Bureau of Prisons are adopting this technology. What’s more, among the innovators, there are famous brands such as Amazon and IBM who are producing.

Technology such as drones, app control, and those available through the Internet of Things (IoT) are increasingly popular. From military, defense, and logistics perspectives, efficiency is everything.

With this in mind - what are US ventures specifically doing in this sphere to bring about change?

Military Tech Startups Already Changing the World

US military technology ventures spread far and wide. One of the most interesting and successful, Shield AI, has a home in San Diego.

Shield’s main focus revolves around drone automation. Their technology is developed to provide mapping and exploration for battlefields. What’s more, the firm - worth more than $189 million - is helping first responders to plan ahead.

Anduril, meanwhile, is an OC firm that’s strides ahead in terms of funding in the sphere. The company is worth more than $700 million and has backers as diverse as 9yards and Bedrock. Specifically, their Lattice platform offers smart sensors to help manage and control sensitive equipment. It’s thought their tech is helping to supply medicine and even fight cartels!

Dedrone, meanwhile, is a San Francisco firm worth at least $67 million. Their focus is AI drones, which are used to help protect airspace. Specifically, their technology can deploy to prevent unwanted intrusion from another drone tech. What’s more, their technology can capture images and video to help back up various legal claims.

Military technology innovation is highly inspiring. It’s little wonder why so many innovators are heading to databases such as Fundz to look for new startups. Technology marches on - and so will military need!



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