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Startups in USA Seek Permanent Remote Staff – Thanks to COVID-19

Startups in USA industries have a constant battle to find staff and local talent. With the rise of the coronavirus pandemic, this search has only gotten more complicated. However, many are now looking for permanent remote staff in an effort to keep growing – and we have the details.

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COVID Changes the Game

Statistics show that remote working is on the rise more than ever. Of course, COVID-19 is to blame for this – or to thank; however, you see such changes. Lockdown measures see an increasing demand for remote working heaped on startups and small businesses all over the world. Even those who might typically work in a fixed office or workplace are expected to stay at home instead.

The global stats for remote working were already on the rise and companies are offering more remote work software. Some statistics in the US, however, show that demand for knowledge work from home has particularly peaked recently. For example, it’s thought that up to 16 million people in the US who specialize in knowledge are now working from home.

This is going to be very appealing to startups. All startups need innovators and knowledge talent. While physical labor is continuously in demand, knowledge is particularly special to startups who aim to change the world. If this sounds interesting to you and you're interested in setting up a home office, here are some tips to consider.


Which Startups are Hiring Permanent Remote Workers?

With such a vast pool of permanent remote workers and specialists available in the US, it’s hardly surprising funded startups in USA industries are taking advantage., for example, is a startup specializing in providing end-to-end, automated testing. Their enterprise technology innovations are actively seeking permanent staff on a remote basis right now.

What’s more, they are not alone. Zumper, for example, is a simple apartment rental startup looking to get ready for post-lockdown. Their pioneering app will seek to help people rent private spaces from smart devices – and they are already helping millions. They, too, are looking for long-term knowledge workers from remote corners of the globe.

The list goes on. The fact is, intelligent startups will know that they need to take advantage of the remote working trend. They have access to a broader pool of available talent than ever before. While COVID-19 may be scary and trepidatious, it is also opening up plenty of opportunities, too.


Why Look for Startups in USA as a Permanent Remote Worker?

A permanent remote worker will likely find a startup to be a lucrative platform to leap into. Startups are actively trying to change the world. What’s more, they are often even the envy of established companies, offering a targeted approach to driving for success and revenue.

It is getting difficult for many startups to find the best talent. However, remote worker hiring appears to be the way forward, even for some of the best-established firms. Lockdown will not last forever, which means it is unlikely such opportunities will be available for long.

Permanent remote workers learning how to find startup companies may also use engines such as Fundz, for example, to make such connections. Crucially, startups in USA territories are crying out for flexible staff – which means now is the time for remote workers to shine.