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How to Convince Investors to Help You With a Startup Business Fund

Starting a business can be quite expensive. There are endless costs that go into both creating and running a business. The average person usually doesn’t have sufficient funds or the full freedom to develop a brand.

Even if you saved money to start a business, there is no guarantee that your investment is going to 100% payoff. In the world of business, there are individuals known as investors. They typically run their own business, and profit off of supporting small businesses. Shows like “Shark Tank” give new businesses the opportunity to get assistance from an investor. If you want a ticket into the world of business, here is how you can convince investors to help you with your business startup fund. 

Original Ideas

Too many entrepreneurs decide to enter an already congested market. This means that too many businesses are doing the same or almost the same thing. For example, there are thousands of small businesses that make phone cases. This idea isn’t innovative or original enough to intrigue investors. Putting a twist on a common product is one way to have a more original business. Sticking to the phone case example, some companies have decided to make eco-friendly phone cases. After they are no longer used, they can be composted, eliminating any waste. This is a way you can take a generic idea and make it refreshing. “Thinking outside of the box, and being original is one of the best ways to convince an investor to support your startup. Nobody wants to put their money towards an old idea,” declares Bernie Watts, business writer at Research papers UK and Writinity.

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Inspiring Story

The story behind a business is one of the most essential parts. People can better connect with a brand by hearing the reason as to why the business was established in the first place. Having a concrete story aids your overall selling point. You could be carrying on a family tradition, doing it for a good cause, or creating something that represents who you are. While some people just start business to make money, others do it for multiple reasons. If you are able to impact investors who are inspired by your story during a business presentation, it will make it much easier for you to get support with your startup.

Likelihood of Product/Service Success

Without having reasons and predicaitons for the potential success of a product, it’s hard to make others believe it can meet or exceed desired sales. Having a sales strategy ready to share with investors is crucial. You need to know that your brand will draw in customers and clients. Let’s say you are starting a clothing brand; you need to know why people would want to shop at your store. Maybe it’s because of size inclusivity or the style of clothing. When working on your startup, you need to predict who your customers would be, why somebody would need your product, and other similar factors. “The likelihood of your product/service success relies on factors that can incentive people to purchase from your company. Investors are aware of the reliability of the predicted success of a startup,” concludes Flossie Parker, project manager at Draft Beyond.

Explaining Why You Need Funding

Investors are only going to fund a startup if they are convinced you need help. If you can explain why you need the money, and how their support will positively impact your business, you can likely convince an investor. If you haven’t made any sales and have no data to prove your potential, they may not want to fund your startup. It’s smart to make sure you’ve had some local success to prove to investors you are worth the risk.

Practice Your Pitch 

Preparation is the key for being prepared to pitch to investors. People can tell when you’ve put the effort into a product presentation. Don’t over-rehearse, but make sure you practice your presentation enough that you feel confident. Before you present your pitch, bring enough of the product/service to show, and have an entertaining and informative demonstration planned. 

These tips will help you convince investors to support your startup, and should be used as a guideline to impress investors so you can build your brand. 

Writer Eula Skiles works for both Coursework writing service and Gum Essays. Eula writes about business and digital marketing. She is passionate about guiding people into the business world, and assists them with online marketing services. Eula also works for Lucky assignments Edinburgh blog.

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