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Fundz Adds Global Fundings and New Data Sources to Startup Database

Fundz announced today the inclusion of recently funded companies from around the world into its real-time updated, startup database, as well as new sources of funding news for companies in the U.S. Previously, Fundz' database included only recently funded startups in the U.S., with information obtained from government filings. Startup fundings largely come from venture capital firms, Angel investors, as well as other corporations. These fundings, especially when integrated with contact information, can be an ideal source to develop b2b sales leads.

While some startups first issue a government filing about a new funding round and then may or may not ever issue public news about the same event, other companies choose to issue public news about a new round of funding before making a required filing.

The addition of company funding news into its database gives Fundz customers access to both sources of information - updated in real-time, as new fundings come in.

The company's proprietary algorithms also add company and contact information to funding events when able to be verified, making its database often the first and only startup database to have this aggregated information.

Fundz' real-time updated startup database and integrated contact information allows its customers to often connect ahead of their competitors with just funded startups. According to Harvard & Berkeley research, this is a compelling advantage, as studies have shown the first salesperson to connect wins a much higher percentage of sales pursuits.

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