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Emerging Startup Trends: Can Investors Prepare For The Future?

It’s safe to say that innovations can emerge right when we least expect them. However, startups are a vital part of our global economy. Therefore, forecasting for venture success never truly ends. What are startup trends suggesting for small companies and investors in the US moving forward?

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Startups Have Never Been More Popular

One thing appears to be sure - startups are hot properties. That’s not just with the general public and investors, but also with corporate. Various studies, such as a report filed by Unilever Foundry, discovered that corporations are softening to ‘the little guy’.

Specifically, their research finds that around 80% of corporate bodies surveyed see ventures important for innovation collaboration.

Their popularity also revolves around the spheres and industries they are most likely to cohabit. For example, it’s clear that technology is evolving with venture insight as a key asset. Silicon Valley, and San Francisco in general, remain lucrative for founders and investors alike.

This seems to be a magic time for both founders and investors. We are at the apex of a period where many people are comfortable with a ‘digital lifestyle’. The Internet of Things (IoT) is rife across businesses and homes alike. Cryptocurrency, too, is no longer seen as niche.

This all represents more than a golden opportunity or two for founders and VCs. The technology innovators are working with is no longer seen as niche or inaccessible. It’s quickly becoming mainstream, and that has a strong potential to convert into sustainable profit.

Which Industries Are Likely To Grow?

In recent times, niches and spheres such as telecare have seen exponential growth. This is due to the global crisis and change en masse, and a thirst for convenience. However, we also need to consider the growth of eco-concern.

The global ‘green conscience’ is moving at pace. Again, referring to the IoT, cleantech and climatetech are quickly picking up interest. Colossal public figures such as Tesla’s Elon Musk have continued to push for a greener future. Driverless car technology and gas-free vehicles are no longer pipe dreams.

What investors may wish to look for, therefore, are companies with green values at their core. Environmentalism is no longer seen as a fringe interest. Various research suggests that Americans are more concerned about the planet than ever before. As many as 70% of us, in fact, believe global warming to be a growing concern.

Beyond this, investors will likely do well to look for ventures rooted in convenience. Modern technology and connectivity are making things simpler, easier to report from, and more accountable. That goes just as much at work as it does at home, interestingly enough. These are potentially very exciting times.

Of course, one investor’s interests will always likely vary to another’s. Considering that, there may not be a better time to peruse the latest trailblazing startups that can be found via Fundz.




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