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Venture Capital Funding News: Startup Funding by U.S. City, 2018

In venture capital funding news, the following bubble map shows total seed & VC funding by U.S. city in 2018.

Fundz Pro customers can see all the fundings per city as they are filed, get real-time alerts of new fundings, as well as export lists of recently funded companies. Here is an example CSV download.

Recently Funded Companies: Insights from February Tech Fundings

In February, 2019 there were 228 new filings of funding rounds in the U.S. from companies that were classified as "computers", "other technology", "telecommunications" or "biotechnology". 

Some notable findings are summarized below:

Recently Funded Startups: Tech Funding Stats for January, 2019

In January, 2019 there were 325 new filings of funding rounds in the U.S. from companies that were classified as "technology", "other technology", "telecommunications" or "biotechnology". 

Texas Tops Leading States in Funding Round Growth Rate in 2018

California, New York, Massachusetts and Texas remained the leaders in total number of funding rounds in 2018. On a percentage growth basis in number of funding rounds, Texas took the #1 position with a 7.13% increase in deals, followed followed by Massachusetts at #2, with a 7.07% increase.

How to Find and Maintain a List of the Best Startup Companies

DataRobot Raises $100 Million in Series D Funding Round

Boston based DataRobot, which develops technology to automate the process of building and operationalizing machine learning models, has raised $100 million in a Series D funding round, bringing its total funding to $225 million. The company's series a funding was back in 2014, when the team raised $21 million, led by New Enterprise Associates.

Fundz Introduces Hunter Integration


What is a Series A Funding Term Sheet?

Whether it is a Series A funding or another funding round, each round of financing has its own terms and definitions. Normally when you begin the negotiations with an outside investment firm, a term sheet, or summary of their proposed terms for investment, is presented.

How to Get Series A Funding


One of the most common questions asked by aspiring entrepreneurs is how to get a Series A funding.

Tech Startups in San Francisco - Top Funding Rounds So Far In 2018

For tech startups in the San Francisco, here are some of the largest technology and biotechnology related venture capital funding rounds, so far in 2018.

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