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Average Series A Round Reaches Record $15.7 million

The average Series A round is now $15.72 million, a new record. While the staggering size of many biotech rounds remains largely responsible for the new record mean (still about double the median Series A size), companies in other industries are also contributing to the rise.

11 Eye-Opening Stats on Startups

When many people think of startups they think of people like a young Mark Zuckerberg starting Facebook, or back in the day, Bill Gates and Microsoft. But at least in today's world, these cases are much more the exception than the rule. Today's successful startup founders are older and increasingly more diverse.

VC Funding News: Charlotte Outpaces in VC Investment


Looking for a new place to live or start a company? You many want to consider Charlotte, North Carolina.

Biotech Startups in U.S. See 75% Increase in New Funding


New data from Fundz’ startup company database shows biotech startups in the U.S have seen a sharp increase in funding over the last 60 days compared to the same period a year ago.

Equity Crowdfunding: Will COVID-19 Mark An Inflection Point?

In March, equity crowdfunding portal StartEngine announced that Kevin O’Leary, aka Shark Tank's "Mr. Wonderful", would join the company as a strategic advisor and investor in the company. O’Leary commented in the press release: “We’re going to look back on this period as the start of the rise of equity crowdfunding, and I think it’s an industry that StartEngine is going to win.”

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Big Venture Capital Firms Push Average Series A to $14 Million

Ironically, given the unprecedented economic and market conditions, big venture capital firms helped to push the average series a funding to $14 million last week, which ties the all-time record set late last year.

US Venture Capital Firms: Funding Results & Changes from COVID-19

The numbers are staggering. Over 22 million people in the U.S. lost their jobs over the last month. Thousands of businesses shut down and despite their best efforts, many will undoubtedly not return. 

Yet, despite all the devastation, Wall Street has started to rally. Recent data from US venture capital firms also shows stability, though noticeable shifts.

How to Find and Maintain a List of Successful Startup Companies

Biotech VC Funding News Highlights Emerging Renaissance

Almost after all periods of significant challenge for society, soon follows a period of great innovation and progress. Recent funding data shows that the biotech renaissance may be beginning, even as the current COVID-19 crisis causes temporary setbacks for some in the industry.

Working B2B Sales Leads? Five Stats to Consider in 2020

If you are looking to have more success working b2b sales leads and ultimately closing more deals in 2020, here are some interesting statistics to be aware of, along with suggestions in light of these facts.

1.) Most buyers want to talk about pricing and see how the product works on the first call, while only one in four want to talk about goals, authority and timeline. {HubSpot}