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AI Startups: Funding So Far in 2023

AI startups are businesses that focus on developing and deploying artificial intelligence technologies and solutions.

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These companies may specialize in areas such as machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, robotics, and other AI-related fields.

Some examples of AI companies include Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Nvidia, Baidu, Intel, and Tesla, as well as a wide range of startups and emerging players in the industry. AI companies are driving innovation across various sectors, from healthcare and finance to transportation and manufacturing, and are expected to continue shaping the future of business and technology.

With everyone now talking about AI and ChatGPT, I thought it might be interesting to pull in some worldwide funding data from Fundz on the state of AI related startups funding.

The following statistics are from AI related funding rounds from January 1, 2023 through March 7, 2023:

1.) Median AI startup funding round:


2.) Mean AI startup funding round:


3.) Largest AI startup funding round:

Anthropic: $300,000,000

Google made quite a buzz by investing in Anthropic but who are they? The company defines itself as "an AI safety and research company that’s working to build reliable, interpretable, and steerable AI systems".

They have published several research papers exploring different aspects of AI, such as building a general language assistant that is helpful without giving harmful advice or exhibiting bad behaviors, developing a mathematical framework for interpreting transformer language models, studying the effects of repeating data on language models' performance, and exploring ways to reduce the harms caused by language models via self-improvement.

They have also investigated how to make deep learning models more interpretable and how to evaluate language models' behaviors. Overall, the company's research focuses on improving the safety and effectiveness of AI systems.

4.) Top five locations for AI startup funding rounds:

  1. San Francisco, California, United States (8 fundings)
  2. New York, United States (5 fundings)
  3. London, England, United Kingdom (4 fundings)
  4. San Diego, California, United States (3 fundings)
  5. Palo Alto, California, United States (appears 2 fundings)

The following are monthly trends in AI startup related funding rounds since October, 2022:

February 2023: 32 AI funding rounds 

January 2023: 36 AI funding rounds 

December, 2022: 31 AI funding rounds

November, 2022: 54 funding rounds                                         

October, 2022: 38 AI funding rounds

Finally, here are the top industries & sub-industries of the AI related companies receiving funding from October, 2022 to March 7, 2023:

  1. Machine Learning (53)
  2. Big Data (7)
  3. Saas (7)
  4. Biotechnology (3)
  5. Data And Analytics (2)
  6. Financial Services (2)
  7. Health Care (2)

As can be seen from the data, despite the challenging VC funding environment for many, AI startups are faring much better in terms of attracting venture capital investment. It will be interesting to see how things unfold in 2023 in this area.


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