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Demandbase: Unifying Sales Intelligence & Account Engagement

In B2B sales, watching a potentially valuable lead slip away can be particularly painful. This often leads to questions like, “What if we had been faster? More coordinated? Better able to engage each high-value client with a tailor-made approach?

Sales Intelligence Platforms: Leads vs. Accounts

Sales are the driving force that helps companies achieve greater growth and profitability. However, without the proper technology and processes in place, sales can be an extremely inefficient process. In fact, sales reps spend up to 64% of their working hours on non-revenue generating tasks.

New Merger Expected to Change Sales Intelligence

After a dip during the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are once again upping the stakes when it comes to B2B sales and marketing. In the U.S. alone, companies are projected to spend more than $23 billion on B2B advertising and marketing.