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10 Ways to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence (EI)

In the world of sales, emotional intelligence (EI) can often be more valuable than the most refined pitch. In fact, according to a study by TalentSmart, a leader in EQ testing, 58% of a salesperson's performance is influenced by their EQ. Especially fo new sales reps, who might not have a plethora of experience, honing their EI can bridge the gap between inexperience and success. 

Prescriptive Analytics: A Revolution in Sales Decision-Making

In recent years, the business intelligence landscape has been evolving rapidly. While most organizations have come to grasp the value of descriptive analytics (which look at past events) and predictive analytics (which forecast future events), a new player is taking center stage: prescriptive analytics.

What Really Makes a Top Sales Rep? A Dive into the Statistics

In the bustling world of sales, a question perennially asked by managers, team leaders, and sales professionals alike is: "What makes the top sales performers excel?" Is it innate talent, hard work, the right connections, or perhaps a secret formula unknown to the rest? This article delves into the statistics to unearth the characteristics and practices that delineate top sales performers.