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What Are the Best Sales Intelligence Tools for B2B Lead Generation?

Sales is a long, difficult process that saps any salesperson's vitality. This, however, does not have to be the case. The main problem that a salesperson encounters is a lack of knowledge. This slows down not only your sales force but also the sales process.

Powering Business - How Sales Intelligence Software Gathers Data

Sales are becoming trickier by the day. The pace of business is accelerating, industries are becoming more competitive, and customer expectations are growing daily. Salespeople need to act faster and smarter to stay competitive and keep conversions coming in.

6sense Bringing Sales Intelligence to B2B Revenue Teams

It’s estimated that marketing and sales teams waste up to $2 trillion annually by focusing purely on revenue while overlooking growth and efficiency. This kind of waste is untenable in any context, particularly in the highly-competitive, fast-paced arena of B2B sales. Sales teams are also always expected to do more with less in order to help the business improve its marketing and sales ROI.

Sales Intelligence Pitfalls to Avoid in B2B Sales

The B2B sales process typically spans multiple stages and involves multiple decision-makers. That's why it can be challenging to hone in on the exact reason whenever a deal fails to close. LinkedIn's 2021 State of Sales Report polled B2B decision-makers to find out what they consider B2B dealbreakers. Below is a summary of their findings that will help you avoid pitfalls and increase conversion rates.