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6sense Bringing Sales Intelligence to B2B Revenue Teams

It’s estimated that marketing and sales teams waste up to $2 trillion annually by focusing purely on revenue while overlooking growth and efficiency. This kind of waste is untenable in any context, particularly in the highly-competitive, fast-paced arena of B2B sales. Sales teams are also always expected to do more with less in order to help the business improve its marketing and sales ROI.


It’s no wonder that businesses are looking for solutions that help them make their sales more efficient and effective. Sales intelligence solutions are a must to stay competitive in the current go-to-market (GTM)-heavy B2B sales paradigm.

However, simply having tonnes of data at your disposal is not the most efficient way to make the most of account-based marketing. Businesses are now looking for groundbreaking and disruptive solutions that utilize the power of AI and machine learning for predictive sales analytics that put them one step ahead of the competition and even potential leads.

6sense is one such player, making waves and positioning itself as the leading platform for B2B organizations generating predictable revenue.

Who are 6sense?

6sense is a sales intelligence service provider that aims to help businesses in the B2B space achieve predictable business growth. It does this through its flagship product, Revenue AI, which leverages Big Data, machine learning, and AI.

 The goal is to provide marketers and salespeople with unprecedented insights into their known and unknown accounts. Sales can use this information to qualify leads better and to tailor their sales activities to the profile and behaviors of each prospect. The end result should be uncovering more opportunities faster, increasing deal size, and competing and winning more often.

In the company’s own words: “6sense uncovers anonymous buying behavior, prioritizes accounts for sales and marketing, and enables them to engage resistant buying teams with personalized, multi-channel, multi-touch campaigns.”

6sense was founded in 2013 by Amanda Kahlow, Dustin Chang, Premal Shah, Shane Moriah, and Viral Bajaria as a predictive intelligence platform for marketing and sales. Since then, the company has experienced tremendous growth, drumming up $426 million across four funding rounds and making major acquisitions, such as Saleswhale,, and Granite Media.

It has also become a global sales intelligence player. While it’s headquartered in San Francisco, it also has offices in New York, London, Pune, and Bengaluru. Today, 6sense is used by industry-leading companies like ZenDesk, Shell, Fortinet, and Dell. They also work with leading sales intelligence and digital marketing partners, such as Green Hat, LeadFabric, Inverta, and many more.

Sales Intelligence for B2B Revenue Teams

As you can see, 6Sense makes some pretty hefty promises regarding what their solution can do for marketing and sales. The key one is to scale revenue growth efficiently and predictably using AI combined with pre-intent and intent data.

Some culprits contributing to this waste are excess sales, general and administrative (SG&A) costs, and lost revenue potential. 6sense’s main value proposition is to help customers avoid leaving money on the table by missing out on revenue opportunities. Its AI and ML-based platform uses predictive analytics to help businesses:

           Find who is active in the market for their specific products and services

           What is the best way to target them based on their profile and buyer behaviors

           When and how to deliver what messages to engage them most effectively and maximize intent

6sense’s base product is its Account Engagement Platform which integrates directly with CRMs used by businesses and sales teams. The platform helps sales teams orchestrate the entire sales journey to convert more customers. Salespeople can use it to identify the most valuable accounts, uncover deep insights about their behavior, and predict ideal times and ways to pursue them.

On a day-to-day basis, it empowers sales teams by:

           Aligning sales and marketing: Everyone, from sales to marketing to account engagement reps, simultaneously has access to the same data. This allows everyone to coordinate their messaging.

           Prioritize the best accounts: In-market and ICP-fit predictions are available within CRM, making it easy to prioritize top accounts.

           Identify the buying team: Identify key contacts, see how engaged they are, and uncover unknown connections.

           Engage at the right time: Deep insights into account and contact engagement history with visual trendlines let you determine the best times to engage.

           Make conversions more relevant: Highlights keywords, website visits, campaigns, and locations that are most relevant to your contacts.

           Take the right actions: The Next Best Action feature provides sales teams with a prioritized list of recommended efforts to further the sales journey.


What’s New and Next With 6sense?

Through feature development and acquisitions, 6sense has continued to expand its capabilities. Through the acquisition of Slintel, they now offer one of the most comprehensive sales intelligence, with global contact data, intent data, anonymous web visitor insights, company data, pre-intent data like psychographic and technographic data, and company data.

One of their latest features is Conversational Email. This system uses powerful AI models, including GTP-3, combined with pre-intent and intent data and predictive analytics to help companies engage in conversations with and recover missed revenue opportunities. Conversation Email enables organizations to conduct hyper-personalized and hyper-relevant communications at scale even while under organizational constraints.

Other tools, like Contextual Advertising, allow businesses to deliver better ad experiences through relevant context while respecting individual privacy.

6sense’s powerful, intuitive, and visual interface makes all of these powerful sales intelligence capabilities come alive. Salespeople can make quick and informed decisions using persona maps, activity graphs, and account insights.

Every Penny Put to Work

Leveraging the power of AI and machine learning, 6sense’s sales intelligence platform ensures that each penny of your B2B marketing spend is being put to work. Through predictive analytics, sales teams can minimize lost opportunities while maximizing current accounts. In short, it helps sales approach the right buyers, with the right message, at the right time to outcompete the rest and boost sales.


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