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The Cyber Link: Sales Intelligence & AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are transforming everyday life for millions of people. However, did you know that AI is also emerging as a powerful resource in sales intelligence? When it comes to forecasting performance and enhancing leads, machines are leading the way.

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AI is Growing

Statistics are clear - AI is growing ever more prevalent in everyday services, sales included. By the end of this year, the AI services market is on target to grow to $62.5 billion.

When it comes to sales intelligence and marketing insights, machines can help us automate menial tasks. However, AI is also hugely beneficial in helping to crunch and refine data in a manner we can understand.

Let’s consider a few key ways in which AI is helping us to refine intelligence across the board.

Lead Prioritization

Datasets can, to the human eye, seem overwhelming. Therefore, AI is proving hugely beneficial in helping us analyze this information much clearer. It is often difficult, for example, to know which data to pool from for the best leads.

When we cannot see lead opportunities clearly, AI can optimize and prioritize those it deems worthwhile. It can do this through pooling contact information, public sales history, and more.

Enhancing Productivity

AI is often used to help grind down some menial tasks that would otherwise consume our day. The same applies to sales, funnels, and lead building. Digital marketing and sales may be easier to manage than ever. That said, there are still some tasks that waste productivity.

As such, the heart of machine learning is based on time-saving automation. By learning your everyday tasks, habits, and precedents, AI can take up the delegation with ease. In some cases, AI can refine or simplify your usual processes to help improve productivity further.

Predictive Forecasts 

Forecasting in sales can be very complex. Ergo, it is reasonable that many professionals turn to AI to help automate matters and offer additional insight. AI has the ability to, again, learn from precedents and compute comprehensive datasets.

This means that you can, by and large, rely on AI to create lead profiles that may actively grow your business. Predictive forecasting can help to remove the need to build leads from scratch. As you may imagine, this can also lead to the removal of human error from the process.

Sales Intelligence Made Simple? 

Intelligence for sales is very much evolving. While it may not be in its infancy, it is safe to say that we have never had greater support. The programs, databases, and AI we use now are helping to refine funnels of the future. While traditional lead building works wonders in many cases, there is much to say about emerging machine trends.

Databases such as Fundz, offering real-time information on businesses growing in the modern age, may help you. Could it be time to build your own sales intelligence strategy from scratch - with AI’s help?




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