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Zoom Enters the Sales Intelligence Revolution

Sales intelligence has never been bigger on a global scale. Already, several innovators and brands have become ‘household’ names among sales professionals. Data shows, for example, that EverString and InsideView are the market leaders. However, perhaps surprisingly, video conferencing skyrocketer Zoom is set to branch out into the niche, too.

The Impact of Revenue Intelligence on Sales Intelligence

It is a safe assumption that sales intelligence is becoming increasingly popular. At a market value of $2.29 billion in 2019, CAGR is on the rise (10.5%), leading towards 2027. Therefore, many businesses and brands are making use of intelligence technology. But, are they necessarily using it to their full advantage?

Creating Actionable Sales Intelligence for B2B Marketers

As technology and society have evolved over the decades, so have customer demands. In fact, consumers are savvier than ever before about what they want and need. For example, did you know that a poor experience could deter up to a third of potential customers? Therefore, it is all the more prudent to work sales intelligence to your advantage.