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How to Leverage the Power of Sales Trigger Events

In the world of sales, timing is everything. If you're trying to sell a product or service to someone who isn't ready to buy, your efforts will likely fall flat. That's why it's important to identify and leverage sales trigger events - key changes or occurrences in a prospect's business or industry that create an opportunity for a salesperson to engage with them and potentially make a sale.

How Sales Intelligence can Enhance the Remote Buyer Experience

The COVID-19 pandemic drastically accelerated the shift toward doing remote business. B2B companies, marketers, and salespeople, in particular, were forced to fully embrace virtual selling and find solutions that give them the edge in this highly competitive space.

How Will ChatGPT Influence Sales Intelligence?

Sales intelligence is a critical aspect of any successful business, as it helps organizations understand their customers, markets, and competitors. With the advent of artificial intelligence, sales intelligence has reached a new level, and one of the most exciting new developments in this field is the use of large language models such as OpenAI's ChatGPT.

Unlocking the Power of Social Media for Sales Intelligence

Brands can no longer afford to sit back and wait for potential customers to find them. They need to reach out directly to and engage with their target market by going straight to them. But how can brands do that in an online world? Well, by going to the places where their target market hangs out and spends their time online - social media.