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68% of Marketers Now Regularly Leverage AI

According to a groundbreaking survey conducted by The Conference Board in association with Ragan Communications, nearly 9 in 10 marketing and communication professionals have already dipped their toes into the AI pool. 

How to Accurately Forecast B2B SaaS Subscription Revenue

When done correctly, revenue forecasting in B2B SaaS can help to influence future valuations, dictate SaaS spending, increase conversion rates, and overcome economic uncertainty.

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EPIC Security Works Launches AI Powered Security Solutions

EPIC Security Works, a trusted provider of security services in the California Bay Area for over 23 years, is proud to announce the launch of TARS Solutions (Total Automated Robotic Security). This venture will focus on providing Automated Robotic Security and Facility Monitoring solutions, utilizing Artificial Intelligence powered devices and 24/7 Live Remote Surveillance Monitoring.