Venture Capital Blog Secures $70 Million Investment from Dell Technologies Capital Secures $70 Million Investment from Dell Technologies CapitalThe race to accelerate artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities at the edge of networks is reaching a fever pitch. Dell Technologies Capital has made a substantial $70 million investment in, a company pioneering chip technology designed explicitly for edge AI workload deployment. This investment underlines Dell's belief in the transformative potential AI holds at the edge for countless businesses.

Why Edge AI is the Next Frontier

Historically, AI models have operated within the centralized confines of data centers, where ample computing and storage resources are available. However, positioning AI models at the edge – nearer to where data originates – presents a range of compelling benefits. This shift reduces latency, bolsters security, and allows for real-time decision-making processes. Overcoming Edge Computing Challenges

A fundamental challenge in deploying AI to the edge has been the need for powerful yet energy-efficient computing solutions.'s chip technology squarely addresses this, delivering the raw processing muscle necessary to power AI models at the edge while remaining remarkably energy-conscious.

Generative AI: A Revolution on the Horizon

"Generative AI, due to its distinctive capacity to generate novel forms of data, is expected to play a crucial role in propelling the growth of the edge AI market." This cutting-edge AI can produce realistic images, text, and even code, promising to reinvent numerous industries.'s New Generative AI Platform's latest press release reveals that the company has readied a new platform that is purpose-built for generative AI at the edge. This is a major stride, as generative AI currently demands massive resources that can only be found in data centres.'s solution aims to democratize generative AI applications by making them feasible in edge environments where power and space are often constrained. Dell's decision to back reflects a growing recognition of the boundless possibilities embedded within edge AI. 

As AI models continue their trajectory towards greater complexity and data-intensiveness, the necessity for powerful yet efficient computing resources at the edge will only become more pronounced.'s chip technology and new platform have the potential to become instrumental forces in enabling this future.

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