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A Review of Early Stage Venture Rounds in the U.S for Q1, 2024

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From the Fundz database we can observe several interesting facts about the Series A, B, and C funding environment in the U.S. from January 1, 2024, to March 22, 2024.

• Series A rounds had a median funding amount of $18 million

Series B rounds increased significantly to a median of $35 million

Series C rounds further escalated to a median of $50 million

Mirador Therapeutics, operating within the Therapeutics and Biotechnology industry, secured one of the largest Series A funding rounds, with $400 million raised. This substantial investment highlights the high expectations and confidence investors have in the future of biotech innovations.

In the Series B category, a standout is a transportation and logistics company, Pandion, which raised $415 million. This substantial investment reflects the growing importance of logistics and supply chain solutions, accelerated by global e-commerce growth and the need for more efficient distribution systems.

The standout company in the Series C funding round, based on the newly provided data, is Lambda Labs. Lambda Labs secured a significant Series C investment of $320 million, underscoring strong investor confidence in its growth potential and market position. Founded in 2012 and based in San Francisco, California, Lambda Labs specializes in Software Development. The company's description highlights its focus on renting out colocated servers optimized for AI and Machine Learning tasks, indicating a strategic emphasis on supporting the computational needs of advanced technology sectors.

Series A, B, C funding by industry 2024 U.S. Q1


The analysis of the most common industry tags for funded organization reveals a significant emphasis on Information Technology, Software, Biotechnology, Healthcare & AI.