Sales Emotional Intelligence Certification

Elevate your professional stature with Fundz's Sales Emotional Intelligence Certification on your LinkedIn profile

sales emotional intelligence certification

Recent research indicates that emotional intelligence can account for up to 58% of performance in all types of jobs, with 90% of top performers showcasing high emotional intelligence. Yet, in the vast arena of sales, it has often been one of the least assessed attributes—until now. The most accomplished sales professionals in today's landscape recognize that forging genuine connections, demonstrating empathy, and drawing upon emotional insights can distinctly set them apart in a deal.

By honing your skills, you stand to dramatically refine your sales prowess. In addition, adorning your LinkedIn profile with the Fundz Sales Emotional Intelligence Certification not only sets you apart but firmly underscores your commitment to bringing a rich emotional depth and clarity to all your professional interactions.

How to Obtain Your Certification

This course comprises four concise videos, around three minutes each. After watching the videos, you're cordially invited to attempt the exam below. Secure a score of 80% or more, and you'll earn the privilege to generate your certificate, ready for a standout display on your LinkedIn Profile. This Sales Emotional Intelligence Certification by Fundz is complimentary and requires no formal registration.


Part 1: The Foundation of Emotional Intelligence in Sales                                               

This first video will introduce you to the core elements of emotional intelligence and why emotional intelligence is so crucial to master for success in sales.



Part 2: Deep Dive: Understanding and Managing Emotions in Sales

The second video explains the following items and how to handle them:

  1. Rejection: Every sales professional knows that rejection is part and parcel of the job. Yet, every 'no' can evoke feelings of disappointment or inadequacy. Understanding this emotion and responding constructively can mean the difference between a temporary setback and a lasting impact on performance.

  2. Pressure to Close: As the end of the quarter approaches or when targets loom large, anxiety and stress can set in. Recognizing these feelings and managing them can help maintain clarity and focus.

  3. Dealing with Difficult Clients: Confrontations or challenging clients can lead to feelings of frustration or even anger. Navigating these emotions is essential to maintain professionalism and ensure productive interactions.


Part 3: Building Authentic Relationships: Empathy and Social Skills in Sales

Sales is more than just a transaction; it's about building relationships. And the foundation of any strong relationship is understanding and connection. This is where the aspects of empathy and social skills, both crucial components of emotional intelligence, come into play.





Part 4: Continuous Growth: Cultivating and Refining Emotional Intelligence


The journey of emotional intelligence is not a destination; it's a continuous path of growth, refinement, and adaptation. As the sales landscape evolves, so must our emotional intelligence skills to ensure we remain at the pinnacle of our profession.

Let's delve into the strategies and practices to cultivate and refine emotional intelligence in this final video.




Sales Emotional Intelligence Certification

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