The Problem Fundz Solves


There have been countless studies that show when an inbound lead comes in, the faster you respond, the more likely you are to create an opportunity from that lead, win the deal and create more revenue for your company. 

But what about when you don't have an inbound lead and are doing outbound prospecting?

Research has also proven that people have an implicit preference to buy from the first salesperson encountered. In other words, if there is no inbound lead and multiple people selling a particular product or service reach out to a company, the first salesperson representing a particular product or service will ultimately win more of the deals. This is a proven fact. See the fascinating Harvard & Berkeley research below.

So, even when there is no inbound lead, connecting ahead of your direct competitors with a prospect is the key. 

But how do you know which companies to try and connect with ahead of your competitors, given your limited time to do so and when might be their ideal time?

Sales trigger events - such as new funding rounds, executive hirings and acquisitions is the answer. This is when new budgets open up and companies are most likely to look for new or alternative products and services.

But how how do you connect ahead of your competitors with companies that have undergone a sales trigger event - and at scale?

To do this you need two things: 1.) The fastest updates on sales trigger events 2.) a powerful platform that leverages the latest technologies & AI to help you make the right connections at just the right time.

Before Fundz, these two things didn't exist in the same platform. This is the problem Fundz solves and why thousands of dealmakers from some of the world's leading companies have chosen Fundz to help them create and close more deals, faster than ever before.


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