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Definitions of Terms in Fundz

1.) Filing Tems

Company: Name of company that raised money

Filing: The filings are either SEC form D, marked as “D” or an amended form D, marked as “D/A”

Minimum Investment: The minimum investment required from an investor in the offering

Offered for Sale: What the company was looking to raise in U.S. dollars

Related Persons: Related Directors of the Company

Money Raised: Amount raised

Accepted at: The date the SEC accepted the filing

Industry: The company’s self-described industry

City: U.S. City

State: U.S. State

Phone: U.S. Phone

Zipcode: U.S. Zipcode

Domain: Company website

Related emails: Contact emails associated with the company


2.) Crowdfundings

Companies looking to raise smaller amount of money (not yet funded) through various equity crowdfunding portals. Crowdfunding allows the general public to now purchase shares in their companies. You can read a related article here.






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