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Install the Fundz-HubSpot integration

  • Fundz Pro or Enterprise account
  • HubSpot CRM account

Part 1. Connecting Fundz to HubSpot

Connecting Fundz to your HubSpot CRM account is quick and easy. First, just follow these steps to install the connector:

1.) While logged into Fundz, Click "Account" from the left navigation

2.) Click the Pencil icon next to the "Connectors" row to the right

3.) Click "Install HubSpot Connector" and follow the prompts

4.) Wait for the success installation message at the end, then close the window


Part 2. What the Fundz Connector Does Once Installed

1.) Fundz will add new companies to your HubSpot account which received funding, matching any filters you have set in Fundz

2.) Fundz also adds related executives for these companies as available

3.) Fundz also updates existing companies in your HubSpot CRM with new funding data as it comes in


Part 3. The Properties Fundz Creates and Updates in your HubSpot Account

The following are the custom fields that Fundz will create and update on the company object in HubSpot:

Recent Funding Amount

Recent Funding Date

Recent Funding Round Type

Recent Fundz Investors

Recent Funding Currency

The following are the existing fields on the company object in HubSpot that Fundz updates as information is available:





Street Address



LinkedIn Company Page

Fundz will also add related contacts as available for the companies added or updated by the Fundz connector

Part 3. How to Leverage Fundz Data in HubSpot

HubSpot allows you to easily view and filter records. Combined with Fundz data, this allows for powerful prospecting opportunities.

For example, you can add the properties "recent funding amount" and "recent funding date" as columns in a saved company view. Then, you can sort the data, so the most recent fundings always appear at the top of this view. Once you click into the company record, you will also see if Fundz was able to add related contacts.

In addition, depending on your HubSpot subscription, you can creat automated workflows based on these properties.

For example, if you are using the HubSpot Marketing Professional or Enterprise edition, you can create a workflow which sends out automated email to executives at companies once the property "recent funding amount" has a known value. You can learn more about HubSpot workflows here.