Why fundz?

Why Thousands Have Signed up with Fundz To Increase Sales and Fuel Their Research

When private companies announce they have raised money from outside investors, a significant sales and marketing opportunity opens up for a limited window of time, as studies show these recently funded companies are much more likely to buy new products and services for a small period of time after the funding round.

Of course, savvy B2B sales and marketing professionals already know this and so many subscribe to daily startup funding emails or peruse startup oriented websites. However, we noticed a lot of limitations with this approach, which meant a lot of lost opportunities for B2B Sales.

First and foremost, while its widely known funding rounds are an important sales trigger event, Harvard & Berkeley research shows you need to be first person representing your particular type of product or service to greatly tilt the odds in your favor of winning the business - read the study here

With hundreds of thousands of people reading about these same small group of new fundings at the same time in the daily email - your odds of being first to connect in your space is therefore very, very low!

Second, daily funding round emails are not filtered to your target locations, industries or funding ranges of interest - not at all an efficient use of your time, which is your most precious commodity. Finally, while actually visiting some of these websites with software might let you run a few searches to get the information you need, you'll quickly be forced to upgrade to a quite expensive monthly or annual subscription.

We therefore created Fundz Pro to be a super easy to use, very affordable ($10/month, cancel anytime) startup database that provides our customers access to all private companies in the U.S. that have raised funding since 2016 (over 40,000), with real-time updates and alerts as new fundings are filed with the government.

Fundz Pro customers can also search search, filter & export to CSV, making it by far the best priced option to get all this important information as soon as its available.

How do I get started?

Fundz Pro is used by all kinds of professionals targeting or researching recently funded startups, including marketing agencies, data researchers, business owners & sales professionals at leading technology companies.

New Fundz Pro Subscriptions By Quarter

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