Tech Startups Boston MA - Top Funding rounds in 2018

Tech Startups Boston, Massachusetts - Top Funded Companies in 2018

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  1. Fuze - $150,849,970. Fuze, Inc. provides voice-over Internet protocol telecommunication services and other cloud-based solutions in the United States and internationally.
  2. DataRobot - $100,000,000. DataRobot's automated machine learning platform makes it fast and easy to build and deploy accurate predictive models.
  3. Centrexion Therapeutics $69,566,532. Centrexion Therapeutics is transforming the treatment of chronic pain by advancing one of the largest, exclusively pain-focused clinical pipelines of novel, non-opioid therapies. 
  4. True Fit - $58,569,193. True Fit is a data-driven personalization platform for footwear and apparel retailers that decodes personal style, fit, and size for every consumer, every shoe, and every piece of clothing. 
  5. Lucidity Lights $43,646,695. Lucidity's brand Finally was founded on the notion that people should not have to sacrifice light quality for energy efficiency.
  6. Wasabi Technologies $39,816,025. Wasabi is a hot cloud storage company, offering storage that's faster than S3 and less expensive than Glacier. 
  7. Cogitio - $37,000,000. Cogito’s AI solution delivers in-call behavioral guidance to agents and a real-time measure of customer perception for every phone conversation.
  8. Emulate, Inc - $35,999,998. Emulate develops organs-on-chips human emulation technology solutions
  9. Altea Pharmaceuticals - $27,599,934. Atea Pharmaceuticals is an emerging biopharmaceutical company which is engaged in the acquisition, discovery and development of novel antiviral therapeutics. 
  10. Akouos, Inc. $25,050,050.  Akouos is developing targeted adeno-associated viral vector (AAV)-based gene therapies for sensorineural hearing loss, which results from dysfunction or damage to sensory cells and/or nerve fibers of the inner ear. 

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