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MetaCene's Gaming Vision Attracts $10 Million in Funding

MetaCenes Gaming Vision Attracts $10 Million in FundingMetaCene, the groundbreaking meta-MMO platform, proudly announces the successful closure of its $10 million Private A round funding. This substantial investment marks a pivotal moment in the trajectory of blockchain gaming, fueling the company's mission to redefine digital ownership and creativity within the gaming sphere.

The infusion of $10 million in funding represents a significant milestone for MetaCene, providing the resources necessary to accelerate the development of its innovative platform. With this funding, it aims to enhance its capabilities further, expand its reach, and solidify its position as a leader in the rapidly evolving landscape of blockchain gaming.

Gaming Innovation Unleashed

At the core of MetaCene's mission is a desire to revolutionize the gaming experience by empowering players with unprecedented levels of digital ownership and creativity. The platform aims to create a decentralized space where MMORPG players, content creators, and Web3 enthusiasts can engage in entertainment, collaboration, and governance without borders.

As a gaming company that utilizes cutting-edge technology, MetaCene offers gamers an outstanding online gaming experience. They use the latest blockchain and Unreal Engine 5 technologies to ensure seamless gameplay on different platforms, including PCs, iOS, Android, and cloud-based services. MetaCene is committed to pushing the limits of what's possible in online gaming, making gaming more fun and exciting for everyone.

Investor Confidence

The success of MetaCene's funding round is a testament to investors' confidence in the platform's vision and the team's ability to execute its ambitious goals. Led by renowned blockchain investment firms Folius Ventures and SevenX Ventures, the funding round attracted participation from various industry heavyweights, including The Spartan Group, Mantle EcoFund, Animoca Ventures, and more.

The strong support from investors underscores the immense potential of MetaCene's vision. This vision will reshape the gaming landscape and usher in a new era of innovation and creativity. With the backing of such esteemed investors, MetaCene is well-positioned to continue its upward trajectory and achieve its long-term objectives.

Gaming Industry Veterans at the Helm

Founded by industry veterans with over 20 years of experience at leading gaming companies such as Shanda Games and Blizzard, MetaCene brings a wealth of expertise and insight to the table. The team's deep understanding of the gaming industry and track record of success positions MetaCene as a formidable player in the market.

The founder's commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of their platform, from its AAA-quality graphics and immersive gameplay to its robust community features and innovative monetization options. With a team of seasoned professionals leading the way, MetaCene is poised to revolutionize the gaming industry and redefine how players engage with online gaming experiences.

NFT Collections and Market Traction

One key driver of MetaCene's success has been its innovative approach to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and digital assets. The platform has launched two major NFT collections—the MetaCene Apostle NFT (MAN) collection and the Cece Cube NFT collection—both of which have garnered significant interest from the gaming community.

The MetaCene Apostle NFT collection, limited to 500 pieces for the most honorable contributors to the ecosystem, achieved an impressive 400% value growth during Alpha Test V.2. Meanwhile, the Cece Cube NFT collection, consisting of 2,997 pieces, has emerged as a driving force of MetaCene's NFTFi system, generating substantial trading volume and community engagement.

Expanding Horizons

As MetaCene looks to the future, the company is focused on expanding its reach and delivering even more innovative gaming experiences to players worldwide. With Alpha Test V.3 on the horizon and collaborations with industry powerhouses like Mocaverse, YGG, and Ancient8, it is gearing up for the next growth phase.

The upcoming Content Creator Incubation Program will further enhance the platform's offerings, providing creators with the tools and resources they need to bring their visions to life. By fostering innovation and creativity among its community members, MetaCene aims to push the boundaries of what is possible in online gaming and continue to set new standards for excellence.

An Immersive Future Vision

As MetaCene prepares to release Commercial Version 1.0 in 2024, the company remains committed to delivering the most immersive and player-driven blockchain MMORPG experience possible. By actively incorporating community feedback and ideas into the game design, MetaCene aims to set new standards in the gaming industry and create a truly revolutionary gaming experience.

With its focus on co-creation and co-governance, MetaCene is poised to redefine how players engage with online gaming experiences and usher in a new era of innovation and creativity. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, the company stands ready to lead the way and shape the future of gaming for years to come.

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