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Trailblazers: San Francisco Startups of 2021

San Francisco - from the Bay to Silicon Valley - is widely known as the world capital of startups. While there are plenty of cities growing into this trend as the years go by, San Fran is still very much King and Queen. But what are some of the projections we can look forward to in the second half of 2021?

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San Fran at a Glance

San Francisco’s status as the US capital of startups and ventures is unlikely to change too much over time. As of 2020, it was still the second-densest city in the world for unicorns. Only Beijing stood higher, and with SF holding at least 68 companies worth more than $1 billion, it’s an incredible accolade.

The Bay Area caters to a wide array of venture interests. It’s here where you will likely find significant innovations in biotech, cleantech, and the IoT (internet of things). Silicon Valley, as it stands, has been pivotal in the development of more and more advanced machines.

However, just because other cities globally are turning their heads to startups, SF isn’t falling behind. As 2021 crosses its midway point, there are still prominent innovators here that the world can look forward to welcoming.

Startups Riding High in 2021

Let’s start by looking at Chime. While set up in 2013, Chime has caught a lot of attention in the past few years. With online banking taking a sharp spike in 2020, the company’s fee-reducing finance services are growing popular. In recent times, Chime has added 100% more staff and has taken on more than $1 billion in funding.

Cerebral is perhaps at the top of the SF curve. With the world moving more and more towards telecare, innovators at the firm have quickly expanded. Cerebral makes it easier for everyday people to find mental health support from home. Thus far, the service is working wonders - and is worth at least $35 million, almost two years on.

Nightfall is another tech firm that’s helping businesses learn from high-profile mistakes. Their software, based in machine learning, ascertains when data is sensitive and when it’s at risk of leaking. What’s more, Nightfall can help users ensure their data falls in line with compliance standards.

Hipcamp, too, is picking up interest as the summer wears on. This Series B funded firm offers an AirBnB style service to people looking for campsites. That means you’ll be able to use their app to find trustworthy sites and hosts. It also means private landowners can open up pitches to prospective visitors with ease.

Businesses The Bay Can Be Proud Of

San Francisco is far and beyond the biggest name in innovation hubs across the west. Indeed, when you look at San Francisco startups, there are more unicorns here than anywhere in the US - and things are unlikely to stop building.

It’s likely investors and interested third parties will come across talented and inspiring venture founders via Fundz - many based in San Fran. Could Bay Area startups be your ticket to tech success?




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