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Startup Team Building - The Foundation of a Great Business

While many businesses thrive on having one or two innovators at the core, there’s strength in numbers. Startups, in particular, thrive on solid yet flexible bonds. The old ideal of ‘startup team building’ is rolling back around again. However, in the New 20s, it holds a lot of weight!

startup team building

Teamwork Keeps Startups Moving

Think of some of the most prominent startups and success stories of the past decade or so. It’s likely a ‘team’ ethos played a part in those stories - and you don’t have to look far.

For example, Google’s metrics continue to thrive on the idea that teamwork is everything. Their famous Project Aristotle helped the brand ascertain the ‘perfect’ team setup regardless of demographic.

Basecamp, the leading project management brand, also thrives on team-building. Specifically, according to Basecamp’s Kristin Aardsma, it’s all about ensuring that the core team sticks together. Creating a unique, close-knit team that can work and play together can produce an impressive, cohesive effect.

But what are the knock-on effects for ventures in general? Why should smaller companies be paying attention to the team-building ethos?

Why Team Building Matters

Creating a team mentality has several benefits widely agreed upon around the world. For one thing, it is a matter of trust. A fledgling company or workforce at the start of their journey may benefit from a strong safety net. By helping team members to get to know each other’s skills and personalities, trust can follow alongside.

Trust can also help create more confidence in making more proactive, affirmed decisions. Communication, too, benefits here. It becomes easier to manage, and those who feel restricted may feel more empowered to ‘speak up’.

Smaller ventures may often focus less on a hierarchical model and more on a ‘shared’ vision. Team building is immensely beneficial as it can help members see each other on the same level. It can also help keep everyone on the same message, sharing the same ethos and passion.

Fledgling companies revolve around more than just technology and talent alone. Steve Jobs, the legendary Apple CEO, said as much about Pixar when he first set up the animation studio. Without human connection, ventures merely have technology and numbers - working together can help this all come together.

When incorporating team building icebreakers questions, members can engage in meaningful conversations and foster stronger connections, ultimately cultivating trust and collaboration within the team

Again, while there are venture concepts with one or two innovators alone, the power of people is hard to ignore.

People Run the Future

You can have all the right people and none of the traction. The fact is, team-building exercises and techniques exist to help small to large companies share the same vision. Beyond vision, it’s also valuable for helping team members collaborate on drive, initiative, and further innovations. That said, ventures come in all shapes, sizes, and statures.

In any case, a strong team could make all the difference for long-term success. 




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