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Renewable Energy Startups Turning Dreams into Reality

The ways through which we power our homes and businesses are changing. While millions of us are still relying on fossil fuels, renewable energy is growing bigger all the time. Many innovative startups across the US are already going beyond science fiction to help increase the longevity of our planet’s resources. Let’s consider how they’re helping in the grand scheme.

renewable energy startups

Renewable Energy: Now a Necessity?

Fossil fuel mining not only harms our environment at large, but it also is not finite. This means, eventually, all coal and oil will run out. At the time of writing, the planet has just over 148,000 days worth of coal left. Oil looks bleaker - with a little over 41 years of supply left.

That may seem a lifetime away. However, generations beyond ours will have to cope with a world without these resources. It is one apparent reason why renewable, cyclical energy is so appealing.

In 2020, estimates showed around 12% of all energy consumed in the US was renewable. While impressive, we can all do more to help. Many startups are already helping to change the way that we generate electricity.

With wind farms, electric vehicles, and more gaining popularity and traction, the future seems bright. However, is it bright enough?

Top US Startups Energizing the Industry

To learn a little more about how innovators are helping to make renewable energy a reality worldwide, we need examples.

When you think about green energy ventures in the US, you’ll likely think of Tesla. Elon Musk’s firm is worth at least $16 billion. The firm is changing the face of motoring worldwide, making electric vehicles more appealing and more accessible. They also have a significant stake in solar power - which is where renewables come into play.

Last Energy, meanwhile, focuses on existing energy sources. This US firm focuses on making nuclear power more efficient. While nuclear is an appealing solution to fossil fuels crises the world over, it is costly. Last Energy strives to not only make setting up nuclear more affordable but cleaner, too.

Solstice is another firm looking to the future. This venture’s primary focus is on the consumer, however. They specifically look at ways to help everyday households take advantage of solar power easier and more affordably. To do this, they help to build community infrastructures to share the technology across neighborhoods.

Solazyme, meanwhile, looks closely at algae. Believe it or not, this US venture is developing biofuel from algae mass! A natural way to power vehicles, machinery, and more, their fuel is funded at least $174 million.

Taking Responsibility for the Future

Renewable energy startups are focusing on saving money as well as most importatntly, helping to preserve the planet for future generations. While oil and coal may not run out for generations, they will one day run dry.

Startups offering innovative solutions within renewable energy are helping to power the future. Investors and third-parties going green might wish to take a closer look at databases such as Fundz to make a difference.




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