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Recently Funded Companies: Insights from February Tech Fundings

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In February, 2019 there were 228 new filings of funding rounds in the U.S. from companies that were classified as "computers", "other technology", "telecommunications" or "biotechnology". 

Some notable findings are summarized below:

  • In total, $1.65 billion was invested, excluding mergers & acquisitions.
  • 228 companies received funding, with 35 being biotech.
  • $217.5 million, or 13.2.% was invested in biotechnology
  • The average funding round in the U.S. was $6.6 million (USD).
  • The median funding round was $1.15 million.
  • California startups dominated with $790 million of the funding.
  • New York companies were 2nd with $192 million in funding rounds.
  • Massachusetts startup companies took third place with $158 million in investment.
  • Washington was fourth with $110 million.
  • Illinois rounded out the top 5 with $65.8 million.
  • The top 5 states took almost 80% of the tech & biotech related funding.

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