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Fundz Introduces Hunter Integration


One of the advantages of leveraging Fundz is that we display the recent fundings of all private companies in the U.S. that just raised money from venture firms or Angel investors, in real-time as filed with the SEC.

With also the ability to filter for specific industries and locations and receive real-time alerts, this is significant, since research has shown the first salesperson to connect representing their type of product or service ultimately wins a far greater amount of the deals.

However, one of the challenges that inherently comes with this real-time advantage has been in being able to provide domain names and contact emails, since this information is not required in the paperwork companies file with the SEC.

To help in this area, we're pleased to announce Fundz has just released a proprietary domain lookup method plus an integration with Hunter, to find and then verify domain names and associated emails with recently funded startups.

While today it is only possible to do this for a subset of companies raising money (due to inability to verify domains, emails, etc.), we're continuing to add to this capability.

Fundz customers now not only have an advantage in learning about all the companies in their targeted industries and locations that just raised money ahead of their competitors, but they will also have access to important contact information of these companies ahead of their competitors, so they can be first to connect.

Harvard & Berkeley research has shown connecting first provides a considerable competitive advantage in winning more sales opportunities. Fundz now makes capitalizing on this advantage much easier. If you're looking for a great new sourcing database for b2b sales leads, the time has never been better to leverage Fundz.