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Panlin Capital Closes 12th RMB-Denominated Fund in Chengdu

Panlin Capital, a leading venture capital firm specializing in Chinese technological innovation, recently announced the successful closing of its 12th RMB-denominated main fund, "Chengdu Panlin Xiangxu Fund". This is the first fund established by Panlin Capital in Chengdu, and it follows their Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Flagship Fund.

The fund has received support from both new and old investors, including local Chengdu institutions such as the Chengdu Productivity Promotion Center, Chengdu Science Service Group, and CICC Genesis, a national emerging industry venture capital fund. Listed companies like Luzhou Laojiao (000568) and Eurocrane (603966) have also contributed to the fund.

Li Yuhui, the founding managing partner of Panlin Capital, expressed his gratitude to the investors for their trust and support. He also noted that Panlin has been able to witness numerous science and technology enterprises growing into industry leaders, as well as helping scientists transition to entrepreneurs.

The fund focuses on To B and technology fields, investing in To B companies (software, intelligent equipment, industrial aggregation platforms) and hard technology enterprises that have autonomous control over domestic replacement or key technology (critical components, equipment category). It has already completed investments in several tech projects including Percipio.XYZ, Chipanalog, Terapark, AIPlanck, Easylogic, Ruiyun Cold Chain, and O-cubes.

Panlin Capital is now planning a new comprehensive fund in Chengdu in conjunction with industries and listed companies. The main investment direction will cover Panlin's two major areas: Healthcare and To B and Technology. They hope to support China's independent innovation technology companies with greater momentum.