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The Infinite Potential of Stock Trading Startups

Stock trading has never been more prominent - and it’s thanks to innovative startups. App trading is changing the way that people access bonds, stocks, ETFs and more. There’s also a substantial shift towards AI and machine learning. But where else might stock trading ventures take us in the years to come?

stock trading startups

AI and Trading in the Modern Age

Innovators in the stock trading sphere are making the most of the rise of AI, or artificial intelligence. Greenkey Technologies in Chicago, IL, for example, offers insight through voice recognition.

AI is becoming increasingly popular with app traders. It can help users to make tough decisions on stock purchasing and sales. Often, our many emotions can get in the way of trading efficiently. Startups are working to monopolize on this.

 Equbot, based in San Francisco, is a key example. Backed by IBM, this venture works to assess precisely why markets behave the way they do. They aggregate data from various sources through AI - to help build an understanding of how complex markets work. 

Trading is in High Demand - and So Are Startups

 Ventures are pivoting towards a new model of trading. Trading via an app is becoming more social, and ventures focus more on convenience in line with scope. Some of the biggest names in stock trading offer incredible range and analysis. However, in the app-driven age, it makes sense that convenience is a vital part of the plan.

Wealthfront, for example, is a stock and wealth management app based out of Palo Alto. The company focuses on offering financial advice through a ‘self-driving’ model. This means that they effectively help clients to deposit money, and the app does the rest. And that means Wealthfront automates investments, savings and more. 

Wealthfront is a key example in a world where people need more support and advice with finance. However, many people may not have the time to learn more about how trading works. Therefore, modern companies pivoting in stock trading offer a great deal of education as well as options. A great example is the service of trading with HALO, who simplify global trading for new and advanced investors.

Where Will Trading Go From Here?

It is safe to assume that trading will continue to build a receptive audience. Stock markets are no longer scary monoliths that novices actively avoid. Ventures are making it easier for everyday people to get into passive money-making.

Recent trends in trading mean that companies are also thinking more carefully about how to appeal to people. Big issues regarding the RobinHood app and its profits are encouraging founders to think outside of the box. What’s more, people are getting more confident and more social with their income. They want to share and take on tips that genuinely work - bringing trading, effectively, back to the people.

Recent global crises and changes mean that we will likely see significant movements in this sphere to come.

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