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From Selzy to AdWords: Navigating the Landscape of Marketing Automation

From Selzy to AdWords Navigating the Landscape of Marketing AutomationToday, users no longer need to look for separate software solutions for specific tasks, as several specialized platforms on the market provide comprehensive marketing automation. Each of them offers a range of services and features for online marketers. Here's an overview comparison of marketing automation software.

Tools #1: Selzy

Selzy is a modern email marketing tool. It provides maximum results at a minimum cost. It allows you to automate workflows as much as possible. The platform's functionality will enable you to customize and track campaign goals.

Benefits of using Selzy:

  • Marketing automation: You can launch a successful campaign thanks to Selzy's artificial intelligence, which knows how to create emails. It takes only 15 minutes for a user to get started.

  • Guaranteed delivery: The service ensures that 99.8% of your emails land directly in your target audience's inbox. No problems with the delivery of ads and messages have been noticed.

Tools #2: Brevo

Brevo is a popular marketing automation program for small businesses. It has been on the market since 2007. Like similar systems, it offers several B2B tools, including online marketing, sales, customer interaction, and other business aspects.

Benefits of using Brevo:

  •  Bravo allows you to create professional emails of various types without coding or design skills. You can use the block editor or ready-made templates.

  • The service allows you to automate marketing campaigns flexibly through various channels: email/SMS/WhatsApp.

  • Bravo provides several advanced features for email marketing automation. One of them is A/B testing of several variants of automated email campaigns.

Tools #3: GetResponse

GetResponse is a B2B platform with a full range of functions for advertising campaigns or sales. It is considered a top program for marketing automation. It offers email, SMS marketing tools, autoresponders, a website/landing page builder, an AI newsletter generator, and much more.

Benefits of using GetResponse: 

  • The platform's functionality allows you to instantly send notifications about products left in the cart or recommended.

  • With GetResponse, you can automatically send relevant emails to customers, flexibly segmenting the audience with numerous filters that make targeting even more accurate and effective.

  • The service's marketing automation tools for small businesses allow you to track audience actions to create custom segments based on selected data.

Tools #4: AdWords Express

AdWords Express will allow small businesses to create and set up advertising announcements "in 15 minutes" without hiring marketing professionals.

To make a campaign with the help of AdWords Express from the user, you need to write the announcement text (for example, describe what the company does), select the type of its activities, and set the monthly advertising budget.

Suppose the miner needs to know the optimal amount of expenditures. In this case, the system will suggest a suitable cohort based on the analysis of how much to spend, receiving clicks from similar companies. You can follow the campaign results in the service's mobile programs.

The Main Advantages Of Email Marketing

The Main Advantages Of Email MarketingEmail marketing is a promotional channel that involves mass mailing of emails. It allows you to build direct communication between your brand and potential or existing customers. 

Here are a few proofs of the effectiveness of this promotional channel:

  • Increases repeat sales. It is always more expensive to attract new customers than to retain old ones. Newsletters effectively bring users back to the site - they come back to buy.

  • Has the most significant potential customer base. As we said before, the number of email users is more than 4 billion, many times larger than Facebook's audience.

  • It's a universal channel. It is used in B2B to promote commercial websites, in the services sector, and much more.

Email newsletters are direct communication with your customers. Service or product reviews, unique offers, testimonials from real people, help in solving a problem in the form of tips and instructions - all this shows you as an expert. This proves that your business can be trusted, which means they will want to come back to you.

Types Of Emails In Email Marketing

Emails can be informational, promotional, or specific to the buyer's journey. Let's examine each type.

Promotional Emails

Promotional text is usually used in email marketing as an alert about special offers and promotions, an announcement about the release of a new product or limited edition collection, or an invitation to a private event. The promotional text contains a clear call to action. A CTA is a specific action that the customer should take. It can be visiting a page on a website or using a coupon to make a purchase.

Informational Email

Emails often contain news about the business or brand. Such a notification format allows for sharing ideas, thoughts, and tips. It is important to provide valuable content that benefits the target audience. A newsletter provides an opportunity to maintain constant touchpoints with customers or potential customers.

Email Structure

To prevent your email from going straight to spam, at best, and at worst, straight to the block, you need to correctly develop the structure of the email using the basic elements of email marketing.

  • Subject line.
  • Text, content. 
  • Images, graphics.
  • Call to action: CTA (call to action).
  • Time of mailing.
  • Optimization for the device.
  • Personalization.

The letter should be targeted to a specific user, conveying the main idea, theme, or tone of voice. The picture or photo should be eye-catching and relevant to the topic. Be sure to add a call to action—a button that will stand out against the background of the main text.

Since there is a high growth in mobile content consumption, you need to consider the email format. It must be convenient for the user to read it and see all the elements. Therefore, the content needs to be optimized for different smartphone models.

Why Do You Need Automation Services 

Automation services are in demand among online marketers. This is unsurprising, as each contains many valuable tools for automating workflows and tasks. As for the cost of marketing automation programs, you can find options for literally any budget.

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