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Education Startups: Home Schooling is a Hotbed

It comes as no surprise that Home Schooling and Digital Learning has become a booming industry since the Coronavirus pandemic locked much of the world down. Education is vital for any child and anyone who is looking to further their knowledge in any way. Home schooling and digital education startups have become hot property. Investors seem to be falling over themselves to get a piece of the action.

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Pressure on the Schools to Educate in Tough Times

As the Pandemic continues, over 30,000 schools across the United States have found themselves either in full closure or partial closure. This impacts the education of over 20-million students throughout the country. Many schools are embracing technology such as Zoom and Google Meet, but this is not anywhere near enough. Translating lessons and teaching from the classroom to the digital world is not as straightforward.

This is where innovative and forward-thinking entrepreneurs are playing a huge role. In some cases, the founders of some remarkable companies are little more than school kids themselves. It seems education is changing globally, and there are many challenges to overcome. Out of the box, thinking is overcoming national and global challenges alike.

Outschool: Mastering the Online Classroom

Founded in 2015 by Amir Nathoo, Mikhail Seregine, and Nick Grandy, the Pandemic has come as a welcome gift for Outschool. This startup rethinks the way school is done online. A superstore of online classes on a wide range of subjects, Outschool takes school life online.

With a total of $55m in funding to date, it has been able to gain a solid foothold in the market. In a nutshell, Outschool has simply understood how to make online teaching work.

The business uses innovative and creative ways of teaching in small groups. The company makes learning fun while ensuring it remains relevant while serving its purpose. Working with a new generation of students, this homeschooling startup is paving the way in its industry.

Keeping Kids in School

While COVID19 has placed a focus on online education, many small companies have been succeeding in the space for some time. One such company is Edsights, founded by Carolina Recchi and Claudia Recchi in 2017. Securing $2.7m of funding from 4 sources Edsights is a specialist online education company. Focusing on helping underachievers stay in school and reduce the dropout rate, the company plays an important role.

Using simple chatbot technology, Edsights checks in with students who may be at risk of dropping out of college. Chatting about a wide range of issues that can affect learning the platform has wide-reaching effects.

Educate yourself about the online learning landscape

The world has changed and continues to change with the advances in technology and in response to the Pandemic. Online education for homeschooling or simple skills improvement has been a place where investors have made good returns.

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