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Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Startup In 2024

Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Startup In 2024Every age has its own trends, and this year is beaming with tech innovations and new strategies for engaging social media. There are nearly 5 billion people worldwide using social networks and the numbers are only increasing. 

Also, there are many ways of applying your strategies. For example, videos are more popular than ever. Interactive formats are great when you need to keep the attention of the audience. 

There are some strategies that go into the column “if it's not broken, don’t fix it”. Having excellent content, the right audience, and extensive link building are always in trend.

Find your target audience

Yes, it can be hard to decide who your target audience is. It’s almost like writing a book and saying that you want everyone to read it. It’s complementary that you want “everyone” as your audience, but in practice, it works a bit differently. Everybody has a different preference.

Maybe you are creating products for teenagers, single dads, small companies, or those who are only shopping at the witch’s hour. If you are too invested to recognize the right audience, ask someone with a fresh view on the side. 

After that, all you need to do is to engage those people. How? Read along.

Develop high-quality content 

It’s not enough to scrap up a few words, a quote, and a couple of hashtags and just throw it in the vast space of content marketing. Whatever you’re focusing on–photos, reels, blog posts–it needs to be of high quality. 

What does that mean? 

  1. Your content should meet the needs of your audience and awaken interest 
  2. Make a good research and be informative, but also interesting
  3. Use different formats (blog posts, podcasts, videos) to engage more people
  4. Give consistency a chance

You are doing this because you want to establish authority of your startup, and that won’t happen overnight.

Link building strategies 

Link building is all about connecting and creating trust. It never gets old. 

To be a link building master, you need an envious level of time management, patience, and knowledge of digital marketing, SEO and communication. Or you can use the help of link building services to get the job done. 

What is actually link building? It’s a strategy where you acquire backlinks from reputable websites. With that you are improving your site’s authority and credibility. You will be more visible in search engine results. If we are talking about the most effective link building strategies for startups, then there are many options, for example: niche edits, PR links or linkable assets. Also, avoid black hat link building tactics and links that do not give any results, such as forum link building.

Remember, for this strategy, the less is more–meaning that quality goes above quantity. 

Implementing social media strategies 

Ever since the rise of the internet, social media have become a great leverage in doing business. Not to mention Facebook, X, or YouTube, here are some of the social media to pay attention to. Naturally, you can choose to focus on others, but when it comes to running a business, why would you choose one or two when you can have them all? 

LinkedIn marketing 

Last year, LinkedIn celebrated two decades of existence. It’s the first platform that comes to mind when thinking about professional social media. Here you can advertise your business and connect with other professionals. For your startup, this can be a valuable lead.

TikTok marketing 

TikTok is the newest social platform where short videos are the prime content. But you can do so much with it! You can show off your product tutorials, sell your goods, and join challenges (or create them, engaging your audience and thus spreading the word about your product). 

You know the saying–make someone laugh, and you’ve won them over. TikTok is the perfect place for that. 

Creating video content

How many times have you found yourself scrolling through reels? Has it ever occurred to you that you can create content like that? Oh, yes, you can! 

Reels have the ultimate power to be omnipresent in any social media–Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. By creating just one content you can cover all bases. 

Remember that attention spans are shorter than ever, so you want your videos to be concise and get straight to the point. 

Leverage influencer marketing 

Choosing a proper influencer to collaborate with is not exactly like finding a life partner–but you still need to find The Right One. It’s all about considering what kind of audience you want to engage and how the designated influencer can help you with that. 

The right influencers have a devoted and steady audience, and the price can depend on the level of the influencer. 

Some influencers can spread a word of your brand to a new kind of audience, others can deepen the reach. 

Almighty SEO and content marketing 

Almighty SEO and content marketingSearch engine optimization (SEO) is one of those silent but powerful superheroes. You won’t see the results right away, not like when you pay advertisements and sponsored posts, but over time it will pay off. It’s similar to going to the gym–it takes time and effort for permanent changes. 

SEO is optimizing your website’s structure and placing you higher in Google search engines. In the meantime, content marketing is making this change possible by providing valuable information to your audience. 

Paid advertising strategies for startups 

Have you noticed every time you google something, a lot of ads will pour in over your social networks for at least a month? That’s what paid advertising does–following certain guidelines it finds the possible audience to engage with. 

You can choose Google Ads or Facebook Ads, for example, and you will see how many parameters you need to determine before you hit that “send” button. Paid ads are great, but for them to work, you need to know the location of your audience, the approximate age, maybe even gender or other preferences.

This realization often leads businesses to the doorstep of advertising agencies, where the benefits of expert guidance and strategic planning become evident. Here, the ad agency client onboarding process plays a pivotal role as it allows agencies to thoroughly understand your target audience and fine-tune your campaign to meet marketing objectives and achieve desired outcomes.

You can keep a close eye on your ad performance metric and adjust your strategy if the need arises.  

Optimize your knowledge base 

Knowledge is power, and it never stops growing. The more knowledge you have, the more prepared you will be to keep your business ahead of the competition. 

One type of knowledge you need to collect is concerning your audience. For instance, it’s good to know where they live (the general area, not the actual address), where they shop, how old they are, and what they want from you. That way, you can answer their needs promptly and accurately. 

Another type of knowledge base is the one you have on your site. Make sure it’s user-friendly, even for mobile phones, and update and expand it regularly. Keep creating content. 

Analytical tools might help you to track what kind of content attracts people, so you can focus accordingly. 

Run retargeting campaigns 

Has it ever happened that you created a beautiful commercial that had many views but didn’t result in buying your product? Well, you can find out what happened by running a retargeting campaign. 

That means that people who reacted to your content will be your target for your next campaign. By following their behavior with the little help of “cookies” you can figure out what is going on and how to engage them further. 

Also, those who visited your site could get a reminder to visit again. These campaigns are great for keeping people in the loop about the newest happening in your business. 

Staying up-to-date with emerging technologies 

Imagine shopping on a site you really like the item–whether it is a dress or a sofa–but you are not sure how it would look in person. Now imagine that you can click a few buttons and have a look in virtual or augmented reality. It equals those apps where you can virtually try new looks or hair color and see what looks good. It’s great, new, and fun.

Relatively new in the field of tech are artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain. AI can make a lot of analytical processes faster, while blockchain can bring a different dimension of privacy for your customers. 

There are a lot of new technologies out there and you can try experimenting with them. See what is good for your startup business and how it pays off before you make any permanent decisions. 

Optimize for mobile devices 

Optimize for mobile devicesOptimizing your business for mobile devices can be a valuable step, especially having in mind that over 7 billion people are using smartphones in everyday life. When it comes to buying online, 9 out of 10 Americans admit they are using smartphones. 

So why shouldn’t you make an optimization of your site for mobile phones? Loading is going to be faster, and the overlook user friendly. Don’t forget to try out new and simple designs and make the letters a bit bigger. 

Making a startup with all the help you can get

Every successful business looks like one another, but the means to get there may vary. Finding the right audience, creating good content, and building links are just the essential package. Everything else is mostly up to you. 

Your startup has its own needs, and only you know what works best. In the vast universe of online business, there are many useful tools and advice. You can do wonders by following some of them. 


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