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UBP to Reduce Carbon Footprint and Energy Costs with SPGs CHP

Signal Power Group (SPG) has been awarded a contract valued at over $10 million to provide a combined heat & power (CHP) system to Union Beverage Packers, LLC (UBP). The 3.5MW CHP system will be powered by SPG's 4 turbine engine, licensed from Honeywell International, Inc., and will be fueled by natural gas. The system is expected to be operational in mid-2024 and will be supported by a ten-year service agreement from SPG.


Signal Power Group is a conglomorate of companies and experience, initially founded specifically to assist the US Navy in the support of their TF40B engine fleet of the LCAC hovercraft. 

Rob Marchitello, CEO of SPG, stated that this is the first of many CHP solutions that the company expects to deploy in the next three years. He added that this type of power plant qualifies for certain tax credits and financial advantages under the Biden administration's Inflation Reduction Act.

John Smith, CEO of UBP, expressed his excitement for the CHP system and its potential to reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs. He also noted that the technology aligns with their vision of sustainability and environmental consciousness.